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Here is how you can improve your Fiction novel writing skill

Writing can be a tough task. So, to write on a particular genre, you have to be very focused. Writing a fiction novel is a marvelous demonstration. To weave various muddled strings of character into a united whole takes uncommon inventive mastery. So what strategies should you use to improve your fiction writing? What’s the […]

5 Ways To Find Good Books To Read

Finding an appropriate book that matches your requirements is a daunting task. Reading is so invigorating, yet the test of tracking down a book; is not so much. This article gives you 3 methods for tracking down the ideal book for you! Read a complete article to learn more: Go for a book blog One […]

5 Best English Novels By Indian Authors

Are you searching for the best book to read next? Are you a fan of English novels by Indian authors? Would you like to read fiction novels? You have come to the right place! Indian English writing has progressed significantly from only a couple of English books delivered a year ago to a large number of […]

5 Must-Read Books Of Different Genres

When it comes to reading, there are “n” numbers of amazing books. But, picking the best one out of them will take some time. That’s why I have compiled some epic must-read book lists of different genres. It features some popular categories, such as fiction, horror, thrillers, and romance. Here you will find a variety […]

What is Fiction novel and its types?

There is an expansive assortment of books accessible to the readers. From secrets to sentiment to tension, the collection of fictitious books with remarkable characters is perpetual to intrigue stories. If you appreciate reading or are viewed as a profession in experimental writing, you might profit from a better comprehension of the various fiction types […]


Satya, a 22-year-old boy, in the final year of his graduation gets anxiety attacks every time he thinks about his mother’s death until one day, he finds himself in the company of Niru, a strange being who claims to know the answers to most burning questions of his life: Is he the reason of his […]

Novel vs Book – What is the difference?

In actuality, there are a few contrasts between books and novels. Sometimes people search for the best Indian fiction novel, Indian novel in English, or sometimes they search for the best Indian book to read. Nonetheless, the two terms, book, and novel, are utilized conversely since individuals don’t see the value in the contrast between […]

How can I improve fiction writing skills?

Here are some tips to get improvement in writing fiction. So what methodologies to use to develop your writing skills? What’s the one thing that will cause your fiction to work on ten times? Start with a plan: Some incredible fiction books are essentially a result of posing the inquiry, What if? Beginning another work of […]

5 Books That Will Develop Your Devotion Towards God

Having a close connection with God will assist you with being more brilliant and hopeful personally. It is because having a sound profound life that can influence how you think and answer conditions. Here I am sharing a list of books that were huge advantages for developing and advancing your relationship with God. As I […]

Reading Novels Or Watching TV? Which activity is more interesting?

Reading a good novel (especially fiction novel) is very interesting and entertaining. Also, it comes with several benefits like: Improve creativity: As indicated by research directed at the University of Toronto, fiction readers are more inventive masterminds and receptive than non-fiction readers. Perusing fiction helps them in direction and better judgment. Enhance Imagination: One of the significant advantages […]