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Do You Know – Why Books Are Our Best Friends?

Everyone says – “Books Are Our Best Friends” but do you know the reasons behind it? Books understand us and are more patient than most people. Also, good books make our mood cheer up and soothe the soul, and make us laugh out loud, just like a best friend. Books never judge you based on […]


Overview: After being in a coma for about five months, Satya realises that he is not the reason behind his mother’s demise. Also he learns that there is an army called as ‘warriors of death’ and that his mother is not dead but somewhere in the other world. Satya, along with Shivi and Vipin decides […]

Why Fiction Reading Is Good?

When it comes to reading, we pick the book that helps to increase knowledge. However, experts say reading fiction can give more benefits as compared to non-fiction. Reading non-fiction certainly helps collect knowledge, but fiction can sharpen the ability to understand people’s motivation. Here are some benefits of fiction reading fiction that will leave you […]


About the book: Sant Haridas left on his motorbike, along with his students, in the search of ‘spring of life’. His way to Maansarovar is filled with adventures and with a new friend, whom he knows he will surely miss. But finding the sacred ‘spring of life’ is no child’s play. He is warned by […]

Inspiring Quotes from Books

People share 100’s of quotes every day. Sometimes it comes from books that are unknown for us. Some lines become memorable for us and inspire us for new beginning. There are some inspiring quotes from different books everyone should read. “There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.” – The Two Towers […]

Outstanding Fiction Books by Indian Authors

Indian authors have introduced us to many precious fictional pieces of literature. A lot of them have won awards for their efforts as well. Indian English literature may not have a vast history but is nonetheless rich with many masterpieces. Here are a few works of fiction by Indian authors that definitely need to be […]