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Solid Food Introduction For Babies According To Baby Weight Chart: Six Months Old Onwards

Whether it’s their first kid or their sixth, successfully breastfeeding is a huge accomplishment for every parent. Each baby has her own preferences for how often she is fed and how she latches on, therefore it is up to her mother to figure out what they are. Especially considering that, for the first six months […]

Here Are The Top 9 Digital Marketing Strategy For Start-Ups

If you are a start-up looking to boost your online presence, take a look at these top nine digital marketing strategies, and how the best influencer marketing agency in India can help.   Digital marketing is rapidly evolving. More options than ever are available because of digital marketing, which includes social media, email, consumer insights, […]

The Cons Of Being A Social Media Influencer: Top Indian Influencers Explain

We spoke about the responsibilities of an influencer in part one, including not just creating and disseminating material but also monitoring its effectiveness and making adjustments as needed. This duty is also given to editors, strategists, and sometimes freelancers, but it is focused on SEO, e-commerce objectives, and other metrics. Business growth is completely within […]

Facts And Advantages Of Cloth Diapers For Families And Infants

Reasons To Think About Using Cloth Diapers For Your Baby Include no compounds like polyacrylate, chloride, or fragrances (a chemical used for absorbency). Chlorine and other chemicals may alter your baby’s pH balance, causing dryness and skin irritations by removing healthy protective microorganisms from the skin. According to one study, newborns using disposable diapers had […]

How to Play With Your Baby Tips: Foundation of a Strong Personality

During the first two weeks of their life, infants depend on you to start an interaction. However, your child will communicate with you towards the end of the third month via expressions and vocalisations. Your infant’s uniqueness will begin to emerge! Before creating sounds and whimpers in response to you, your child will carefully watch […]