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Name: Raja Balwant Singh Management Technical Campus
About Author: Raja Balwant Singh College, Agra (formerly Balwant Rajput College, Agra), was established way back in 1885 by Raja Balwant Singh Ji of Awagarh state. Initially it was started as Balwant Rajput High School. Col. Dobson and Sir E.H. Forsyth were its Headmasters for quite long period. Balwant Educational Society was created in order to safeguard the interests of this institution. The High school was raised to the level of an intermediate college in 1928 and to that of a degree college in 1940. The pace of development of the college from 1940 onwards has almost been breath-taking and is apparent from its gigantic stature presently. At present Raja Balwant Singh College, Agra, is spread over 1000 acres of land and 5 campuses.

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