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Most of us getdry noses on a flight, even without a important trauma to them, which is primarily what a rhinoplasty is. Carry a saline nasal spray with you everywhere, and use it at least 3 occasions a day, but far more if you will need to. A saline spray aids to replenish the moisture […]

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By this time, most people can minimize or even quit their prescription pain medication. You may well start out to really feel you can breathe a lot more effortlessly via your nose. If you have packs in, the surgeon will generally ask you to return to have them removed at this time. You should really […]

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In the past, oropharyngeal cancers had been mainly linked to smoking or alcohol abuse. These days, oropharyngeal cancers connected to smoking and alcohol are on the decline while those caused by HPV are rising drastically. Some authorities predict that HPV-triggered mouth and throat cancers will grow to be extra popular than cervical cancer. Hannah considers […]