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The game board for 2048 is a 4×4 grid of squares. The player takes their turn at the beginning of each move by pressing one of the arrow keys, which causes the square blocks to slide in one of the four directions (up, down, left, right). At the beginning of each turn, a block with […]

mario games

In order to arrive at the objective without getting hurt, it will be the responsibility of the player to guide Mario, the plumber, through grueling routes that are filled with traps created by the antagonist. You make a mental note to pick up coins and stars along the route so that you can increase your […]


Fans of geography will enjoy wheredle, an intriguing spin-off game based on Wordle that can be played without spending a single cent. The sole limitation is that you can participate in this game once per day rather than many times. Players can enhance their capacity to observe and think fast while also improving their ability […]