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Email Encryption

RMail specializes in security and compliance with its top-rated email encryption, auditable proof-of-privacy compliance, and certified e-delivery services. RMail® email encryption makes it easy to encrypt sensitive email and attachments for security or regulatory compliance. RMail automatically delivers encrypted email with the simplest user experience for each recipient and provides manual or automated options for […]

Electronic Signature

RSign electronic signatures makes it easy for signers to complete and sign documents using any desktop or mobile web browser in an intuitive, guided signing process. RSign includes the most advanced eSignature features, making it seamless to optimize and digitize workflows with eSignatures, whether through API integrations, fulfilling identity requirements, satisfying bank-grade security, or meeting […]

How to Encrypt Emails in Outlook

A study of IT leaders across the US and UK revealed that 95% of leaders believe data is most at risk when using emails. Additionally, 83% of organizations have experienced email data breaches, out of which human error accounted for 24%. Another report says that nearly two-thirds of organizations that fell victim to a data […]

Automatically Erase Sensitive Content From an Email Thread After Recipient Reading

RSecurity, True Content Control for Those Embarrassing Email Moments Has something like this happened to you recently? You spend 45 mins composing a very well thought out email to your boss with plans and projections for the next quarter. You read through it for typos and other mistakes, double check the math on some KPIs […]

Alert the Sender When They are About to Send an Email to the Wrong Recipient

What the Heck is “Integrated Cloud E-Security”? Email is obviously not a new technology, and several companies over the last decade have been trying to replace it via direct messaging either through project management software (e.g., Slack) or dedicated apps (e.g., WhatsApp). Perhaps it’s all the email spamming and abuse or perhaps it’s the associations with […]

Psychology of Remote Communications

We’re continuing our series on the psychology of remote communications this week, as many/most of us are still working remotely with the persistence of this latest covid variant. In addition, many of our readers have indicated that these tips have been very helpful in fostering better work communications over the last year and a half. […]