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About Author: Ruebens Portraits is an excellent small art studio that creates exceptional quality commission portrait and painting from a photo at the best prices, shipping worldwide.

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Some of the Advantages of Handmade Oil Painting Portrait

Portraits are one of the most popular types of photographs and paintings. Both types of portraits are in high demand these days. But comparatively, hand-made portraits with the use of oil paints and other types of colors have different significance. Some of the advantages of handmade an oil painting portrait are as follows: 1. Quality: […]

Occasions for Gifting a Hand Painted Portrait

Hand painted portraits from photos have gained a lot of popularity in today’s times. This is because they are such an elegant and beautiful gift that can be given to anyone irrespective of their age, gender, or profession. Everyone would appreciate getting it as a gift. So, you can commission portrait made by a talented […]

Get Stunning Portrait Paintings from a Trusted Website

Have you always wanted to keep an oil painting portrait in your house? If so, then this article might be of great help to you. Paintings are something that is loved by everyone. Like everyone is different, everyone has a different reason to love paintings. Here are some reasons why people love paintings: 1. A […]

Different Types of Commission Portrait to Choose From

Portraits are paintings and photographs that mainly focus on the facial features and expressions of a person. Portraits have been a part of paint artworks for over centuries and have evolved into different types. Today, different types of commission portrait are available. Some of those portraits are as follows: 1. Conventional: A conventional portrait is […]

Get a Portrait Painting Of Your Desired Picture

It is no secret that painting and art are loved by everybody. Now, there are various types of paintings like oil painting, abstract painting, modern painting and more. But, the one kind of painting that has grabbed a lot of attention is portrait painting by a reputable portrait artist. A portrait painting has a very […]

The Types of Portraits by Different Portraits Artists

A portrait is an artistic illustration of a person. In this artistic illustration, the expression of the face of a person is vehement. The intention of a portrait is to display emotion, character, personality, and likeness of a person. In a portrait, the person directly looks at the painter, in order to get the maximum […]

Get a Desired Portrait Painting for Your Wall

A painting is a very delicate, exquisite, and beautiful piece of art, especially when it is a portrait. A portrait painting has a very different charisma to it, when you see it you can just not stop looking at it. Imagine your portrait from photo, hanging on the walls of your room, wouldn’t it be […]

5 Benefits Of Giving Oil Painting Portraits As A Gift

A happy occasion in the life of our loved ones gives us immense joy too. We often give them gifts on their special occasions to make them feel even more special. But can be very difficult to decide upon a gift for them. We always think of gifting something that they would appreciate. In such […]

Gift Happiness with a Creative Portrait

Your best friend’s birthday is arriving again and you have started thinking about what gift to give? A question which bothers you every time! You have already gifted him his favorites, so what are your plans now? Here is a mind-blowing idea. You have made a lot of memories with your friend and you can […]

Get Your Desired Portrait Paintings Made By the Best Art Studio

Art is something that brings a smile to everybody’s face especially if it is a portrait. A portrait painting from photo can be used as a lot of things like: Defining Your Space: When a person designs the space for home or office, they want to design it in such a way that it defines […]