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How to Download iOS 13.3 Developer Beta 1 on iPhone

Apple has introduced the latest iOS 13.3 and it packs new features; however, it needs a third-party developer. Apple is releasing the developer betas so that the software engineers find and fix the issues and provide an optimized OS to the users. Source: How to Download iOS 13.3 Developer Beta 1 on iPhone Important Dates 5 […]

How to Fix Windows Update Stuck or Frozen

Most of the time Windows update will do its job automatically, although we may need to check and update it occasionally. Most Windows 10 desktops are configured and it facilitates quick functioning. You may be waiting for a long time while you notice that the update screen seems to be frozen. Source: How to Fix Windows […]

How to use BitLocker in Windows 10

What is BitLocker? BitLocker for Windows 10 allows you to encrypt your complete drives and helps in keeping your data safe from unauthorized tampering as well. Source: How to use BitLocker in Windows 10 Things to remember before setting up BitLocker BitLocker is only available on the enterprise and Pro version of windows. You must have a […]

How to Set up Advanced Display Settings on Windows 10?

Facing an issue on Windows 10 where the user fails to get to the Advanced Display Settings is a common one, especially since the 2019 fall creator update. So, here are the steps to set up advanced display settings on Windows 10. Source: How to Set up Advanced Display Settings on Windows 10? Setting a Custom […]

How to Edit Videos on iPads and iPhone?

Apple has been releasing OS and beta in a bunch, and it has upgraded its several functions. You should no need to use a third-party application. One of these said functions is video editing. Video editing has reached an unforeseen height in iOS devices. Apple has introduced the tools contains the sense to add filters […]

How to Prevent Firefox from Using Too Much Memory?

Mozilla Firefox is among the most popular open-source internet browser all around the globe. The browser was previously known as Phoenix and had features such as tabbed browsing and downloads manager when no other browser did. However, there may be times when Mozilla may end up taking too much space on your system. So, here […]

How to Download LeapFrog on Mac

LeapFrog is an educational entertainment gaming series for children ranging from infants to high-grade schools in which the player vaults upon each other’s back. In case you wish to hold and play any of the LeapFrog playing games, you should download the LeapFrog Connect app to your system. It is presently available for Mac and […]

How to Fix Netflix problems on Windows 10

If you operate Windows 10 and use the Netflix app on it, then you expect to experience premium video streaming and excellent picture quality. But sometimes, the Netflix app crashes due to many reasons and causes issues. Let’s continue further to know more about the problem issues and how to solve them. Source: How to Fix […]

How to Fix Common Apple Watch Issues

Apple Watch is a smartwatch that has a lot of features. But sometimes, users face issues with the watch. For example, it can freeze, its OS may work incorrectly, or fast battery drainage. If you face these types of issues, then you need not worry. Here is how you can troubleshoot common Apple Watch issues. […]

How to Fix Windows 10 Freezing on Opening a Certain Website?

There are tons of web browsing third party applications available online that we use to access various websites. But according to the reports, many people encounter a freezing problem while opening a certain website. If your system is also causing some issues, then make sure to check the following instruction to resolve it conveniently. Source: How […]