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A few Do’s and Don’ts for successful pest control

What are you doing right and what are you doing wrong! How would one know the difference? Especially when it comes to matters that we don’t specialize in. We’re talking about pest control here and the common man may not always be an expert on the topic, so it’s better you get the right assistance. […]

The truth about mosquito pest control

People may tell you may things and may suggest many methods to keep them at bay, but all may not help. In fact, some strategies may be completely wrong and myths, to be honest. Today, we’ll help you identify the truths related to mosquito control in India and how the entire process can be streamlined. […]

Why pest control treatment is set to be the next big thing!

India is now in the stage of moving from a developing country to a developed country. What this means is plenty of infrastructure changes and rapid industrialization, urbanization, and all of this progress sadly also leads to deforestation and the loss of habitat pf plenty of animals and insects. This thus means that a lot […]

Things to do immediately about cockroach pest control

You’re here at this article, so we sense your fear. We know for sure what’s going through your mind. We know the roaches are running helter-skelter in your mind and in your homes. Between cabinets and running through your kitchen shelves. We know that cockroach control is on your mind but you’re probably unsure of […]

Why do mosquito bites itch? What do mosquitoes inject you with?

Everyone complains about mosquitoes and mosquito bites. The irritation and annoyance and frustration can drive you mad. Also, you go crazy until you can kill that mosquito or mosquitoes who have been biting you or buzzing around your face. What’s worse is that these insects carry fatal diseases and that’s why mosquito control has been […]

Here are 5 ways pest control keeps your home under check…

What is pest control? Sometimes, we might get unwanted visitors at home, in the form of insects or bugs or pests or whatever name you give them. They can be annoying and more importantly, they can carry bacteria and several unwanted diseases. Thus, we don’t require these pests and home and that’s why we have […]

Termite solutions from pest controllers in India broken down…

Sometimes, asking for help is good. It may feel a little embarrassing, but help is good. Especially if it means health of your family and homes. The same is applicable to pest control, where people tend to shy away from ordering a pest control service. Instead, they prefer to stick to DIY methods which more […]