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A Checklist For Online Money Transfer To India

Money transfer is not a new process in today’s generation. After technological advancements, you can transfer money to your loved ones quickly. Most of the business deals and online transactions operate on money transfer principles. Many people transfer money for reasons, including emergencies, business deals, holidays, and other circumstances. Several banks and online money transfer […]

Difference between NRE and NRO Fixed Deposits

The Non-Resident External (NRE) Account and the Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) Account are non-resident Indians two most popular banking options. The NRE Account is for foreign currency, while NRO Account is for rupees. NRIs open and operate a Bank Account outside India in many ways. Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) Fixed Deposits Due to their excellent yields, relative […]

Facts About Systematic Investment Plan You Should Be Aware Of

Investments are a boon for most of us; this is because they provide guaranteed returns. It becomes easy for us to invest a small amount and see it multiply over the years, along with interest. Since most people have different financial goals, they must choose investments that help meet them, like Mutual Fund Investment. Now, […]

How Can Sip Calculator Be Used Most Effectively?

Do you intend to make a significant Mutual Fund Investment through a Systematic Investment Plan? You are, without a doubt, on the right track! But are you certain your strategy focuses on achieving your objectives? Let us see how you must use the SIP Calculator to create an appropriate investing strategy. When deciding, the instruments […]

Checklist Of Documents Required For NRI Home Loan

Owning a house is more than a status symbol or pride. It is about sustainability and security. Therefore, Indians emphasise it. The same goes for Non-Resident Indians looking for a way to stay connected. The higher income and the increased currency value present an opportunity to fulfil this dream. However, even a higher revenue is […]

Factors Affecting NRI Home Loan Interest Rates

Residing overseas for studies and employment is a common practice among Non-Resident Indians. However, they still have ties back home. It requires them to stay connected and fulfil their financial responsibilities. Banks in India offer aid to them in the form of NRI Accounts. But the assistance does not end there. If you are one […]

Important Things To Know About FCNR Accounts

NRIs in India have long used Foreign Currency Non-Resident bank account as an investment vehicle. However, the FCNR investment route has become one of the most profitable possibilities because of recent regulatory reforms. FCNR rates have changed. In addition, it is suggested that NRI portfolio investments and foreign portfolio investments (FPI) be combined. This stimulates […]

A Guide On Investing In Mutual Funds

There are many financial investment products available in the market that suit different investors holding different appetite. But there is one instrument that has remained a favourite for both conservative and aggressive investors. It is mutual funds. Available in different types – equity funds, debt funds, hybrid funds, and more, these fulfil the short, medium, […]

5 Tips For Creating A Long-Term Mutual Fund Investment Portfolio

The power of compounding is a beautiful concept, and a long-term investment strategy is a cause behind it. You invest a certain amount and see your wealth grow with time. A successful long-term investment strategy requires some efforts. You need to study your risk goals and research several mutual fund investment products to form an ideal investment […]

What Are The Advantages Of The NRI Mutual Fund?

There are many investment options for people living in India and abroad. You can increase your wealth and save for the future with the returns earned from them. It is essential to keep a financial backup plan to fulfil your needs during an emergency. You cannot predict them, but you can always remain financially prepared […]