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How to Calculate Returns of Mutual Funds Lumpsum Investment?

Mutual Funds are professionally managed, which allows you to earn inflation-beating returns often. The fund invests in Equities, Debts, or both depending on your financial goals and risk profile. There are possibilities of high liquidity, especially under Equity Funds. You can redeem your investment anytime. This allows you to meet all your financial requirements hassle-free. […]

Reasons to Invest in Exchange-Traded Funds

An Exchange Traded Fund or ETF is a pooled investment security. It operates like Mutual Funds, wherein particular indexes, sectors, commodities, and other assets are tracked for performance analysis. ETFs can be purchased or sold on a stock exchange like regular stocks. Investing in an Exchange Traded Fund includes some perks that should boost your […]

Difference Between Exchange Traded Funds and Active Equity Funds

Exchange traded fund or ETFs are passive schemes which track market indices e.g. Nifty, Sensex, Bank Nifty etc. Exchange traded funds invest in a basket of securities that replicate the constituents of the index which the ETF is tracking. Exchange traded funds are listed on stock exchanges and are traded like stocks. You need to […]

What Are the Types of Different Mutual Fund Schemes?

A mutual fund, as the name suggests, is a pool of assets, created by a fund manager, where an investor can get proportionate ownership by purchasing its units. The investor is free to choose if he/she wants to invest in only equity or, debt assets or a mix of both. Mutual Fund schemes, as we […]