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Name: Shruti SIngh
About Author: Shruti is an Indian Blogger, a contributor that likes writing & covering topics in General for 5 more years now.

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How To Prepare For School Admissions In Bangalore

Obtaining school admission in Bangalore or any other city is a matter of huge importance to parents desirous of ensuring great schooling for their children. Parents have a lot of expectations from schools and these expectations also vary from one set of parents to another. While some may want their children to get premium education […]

5 Essential Tips to Help Your Teen Be Successful in High School

The high school phase is abuzz with varietal challenges for your teenage ward. Be it in terms of studies, sports, or socio-cultural activities, a lot is going on that you need to tab on as a parent. Furthermore, this is the crucial stage of schooling that acts as a stepping stone for college. Optimal high […]

Discover The Best School in Ahmedabad In Terms Of Excellence

It’s rightly said, “The choice of school often acts as a great catalyst into any individual’s personal and professional growth”.  Whatever a kid wishes to become, laying down a strong foundation is every parents’ responsibility. After learnings at home, what plays a crucial role in any person’s success is the school itself. Hence, a parent […]

The Top Two Best Schools in Bangalore

Bangalore or Bengaluru lies at the heart of the Mysore Plateau and happens to be the capital of the state of Karnataka. It is known for its exuberant nightlife, its parks – giving it the name city of gardens, and also for being the core of India’s digital industry. But another thing the city is […]

Why do most parents opt for international schools in Bangalore?

Compared to other national or state council campuses, international schools in Bangalore are more trendy among parents. If they relocate to a new city or a new world, choosing the right school is crucial for parents. And 90 out of 100 times, they opt for international schools. Of course, there are some massive advantages to […]

Know about Global Indian International School

Selecting a school that suits the academic requirements of their child, ensures complete physical and emotional development, fosters their talents and skill, and inculcates moral values in their child is a task that haunts every parent. Today, many schools promise academic and sports excellence of your child and claim to make your child future-ready. But, […]

Advantages to Studying at An International School in Ahmedabad

What are the benefits of studying at an international school Ahmedabad has to offer? Here are five to start with So, are international schools in Ahmedabad worth it? Picture this: About 1 million international students were studying in around 2,500 international schools in the entire world by 2000. Most of those were children of ex-pats, […]

Strategies to Boost Your Children’s Motivation in School

If your kids are struggling in school, and they don’t seem to be motivated in any way, you’ll want to help them out. Don’t automatically assume that your kids are academically challenged for underperforming. There could be numerous reasons for their behavior. If you want to motivate your kids to do better in school, here’s […]