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Name: Siang May
About Author: Siang May is a company that is based in Singapore, having two of its factories in South East Asia and China. The company has 40 years expertise in this industry and is one of the finest names you will hear in the international market for making products made of synthetic fibre.

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Using a Surgical Mask? A Few Crucial Points You Must Know

This year has been all about the spreading pandemic and the discussion around different types of face masks. Over the months the leading organizations have changed their guidelines about who must use a face mask. Initially, they said that only healthcare professionals and those with symptoms need to wear a mask. But now it has […]

Purchase Affordable PPE Kits from Siang May

Wearing masks and PPE kits have become new normal and we can’t deny it. And it’s actually good that people have started using personal protective equipment and masks because these are a few things that can offer great protection from coronavirus. But the problem is that ever since the demand for PPE kits has increased, […]

Buy PPE Kits from Singapore Based Leading Suppliers

With regards to the current circumstances, it’s only intelligent of us if we take precautions. The times are such that we as aware human beings should adapt to the new normal that has arisen due to coronavirus. The pandemic has created a stir in everyone’s life. All the industries have been affected terribly. Employment has […]

Planning to Buy Gloves? Read This

Today, it’s not just doctors alone who are wearing gloves. Since the coronavirus has spread so much, people have started taking precautions to keep themselves safe and protected. And in the list of safety gear, gloves are something that is on the top. But even though the need and popularity of disposable gloves have increased, people still […]

Buy Surgical Masks Online from a Promising Store and Affordable Costs

Times have become tough but this is how the new normal is today. Coronavirus has changed the perspective of people and the new normal is to sanitize your hands every time you touch an exposed item, wear masks on your face all the time, do not go to overcrowded places, go to hospitals only when […]

Personal Protective Equipment: Essential Elements for a Safe Workplace

Four Crucial Points to Consider Before Choosing Personal Protective Equipment

Businesses, where employees are exposed to a hazardous working environment, must provide the employees with the highest quality of personal protective equipment. If your business is involved in the medical, chemical, or biopharmaceutical industrial sector, you must provide your employees with the best quality of PPE personal protective equipment that increases their safety. But before you choose […]

Know How to Pick the Best Disposable Gloves

If you think that buying the right types of gloves does not require much attention, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is because if you want to stay secure and protected from the virus, you should know what you are purchasing. And it is only possible if you do a little research on your own. […]

Protect Your Employees from Hazards with Quality Protective Face Shields

Having a safe working environment is crucial to maintaining the health and safety of your employees. If you are in medical, construction, roadworks, electrical, or chemical business, then you must ensure a safe working environment. As important as it is for your employees to have a good working environment, it is also important for your […]

Protect Yourself from Germs and Viruses with Disposable Gloves and Masks

When you are into the business world, you meet several people every single day. Looking at the current circumstances, it is very important that you make your health a priority and take all the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe. And now that you know the importance of wearing masks, gloves, and other personal protective […]