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About Author: I am working in I.T staff and I like to read books..

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Guide to Reading Dump Files in Windows 10

Whenever our system crashes due to any reason, the first thing we worry about is our data and its backup. We are also curious to know about the cause and the event or occurrences that spark the crash. Whenever a Windows operating system crashes, it will save all related information in a small file which […]

Guide to Fix Error Code 0x80240031 on Windows 10?

While updating older windows with the latest updates, many users are experiencing the system error code 0x80240031. Therefore, this error code commonly occurs with the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 updates, but some Windows 10 users are also reporting the same error code. This error code 0x80240031 appears with the error code which says; “Problems […]

Best Audio Recording Apps for Android and iPhone

We should thank the advancement of technology that has discovered an enormous range of things both in the computing and Smartphone world. This range also includes the audio-recorder. If you are thinking to record crucial discussions, lectures or business sessions with your business partners, then you can have a high-quality voice recorder app to make […]

3 Best Apps to Track Hurricane

Most of the applications for tracking hurricanes can alarm you if the storm is moving towards your location. You can even look at the forecasting information concerning the time hurricane. In case you are in danger of hurricane, then you can use the tracker apps specifically for the hurricane. There are several options dealing with […]

Best Apps to Manage Your Anxiety Easier

In the IT way of life, the penetration of mobile is so widespread that your gadgets directly or indirectly control you. The excessive use of cell phone can have negative implications on mental health, and even it can cause psychological distress. The better solution to get rid of that problem can be more sleeping time, […]

4 Must-Have Apps for Dog Owners

Many of the people find dogs as their best friends. They even start considering them as part of their family. It may be so because dogs have a very friendly and lovable nature. It has even been seen that having a dog at home demands a lot of time and efforts. There is nothing to […]

Know About Leading Applications To See Free Movies In Windows 8 And Windows 10

Most people love to watch movies in their free time. However, often people are not able to watch their favorite movies because they don’t really know where exactly they can get fully free movies to watch in Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. If even you are also among them, then you should definitely go […]

Top Travel Planner Apps For Your Holidays

With the sea of information available on the web, many times it may be misleading and this may destroy the holiday season. To put the limits on this, you can choose the perfect travel planner app for your perfect times spent in your destination. Fortunately, there are many travel planner apps available to assist you […]

Top Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Apps

In the backdrop of IT way of life, almost everyone is moving towards digital devices whether it is smartphones or digital watches to align their preferences with the advanced technology. In the course of time, it becomes a necessity to connect globally. In this direction, many social networking sites and applications were launched in the […]

How to Fix Application Error Code 0xC0000142?

The 0xC0000142 can occur in any of the Windows versions but usually occurs when an application fails to initialise properly. This 0xC0000142 application error is a very irritating and common error which affects a variety of core Windows applications. However, whenever you try to run the program then you will get this error: The application […]