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Windows is an efficient OS, but there are numerous BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error codes that can ruin your experience. One such error is the WHEA_INTERNAL_ERROR. If the user is encountering it as well, then the blog will be useful to them. Here are the steps to fix this error. Turn off the Automatic […]

iOS 14: An Opportunity For Apple to Lower Its Restrictions

iPhone is a well-rounded smartphone for everyone as its hardware and software are of top-notch quality. iOS has been one of the best-operating systems in the market, and they are improving its features with its every single update. The quality of its applications, user interface, and other aspects are outstanding. This is proof that Apple […]

The Witcher Season 2: Every New Character Confirmed

The Witcher Season 1 was a massive hit and now for The Witcher Season 2, there are several new characters that are confirmed. Making of The Witcher Season 2 just began in the UK, and just like the success of The Witcher Season 1 now directors and producers are working on making The Witcher Season […]

How to Download Instagram Videos

Instagram has inserted all kinds of compatibility on the platform in current years. From short content to stories to latest Instagram TV choice for watching best creators, it has everything. It will make Instagram not only the station to check photos but also the videos and all kinds of content. Instagram and Facebook have made […]

Google Launches Android 11 Developer Preview Earlier Than Expected

Android 11 aka Android R Developer Preview released by Google Google recently launched Android 11‘s sample for the developers; however, it is currently available only for the Google Pixel phones. The event happened much earlier than what was speculated by the audience and the media. Mostly Google introduces its next Android version preview in March, but this year […] – Enter your 25-digit activation code – McAfee Activate – McAfee’s indestructible shied makes sure that your computer always remains safe and secure no matter at what site you are browsing. It also offers an ultimate and reliable shield against malicious or suspicious emails that contain links to unsafe websites. It is the world’s best antivirus when it comes to choosing a reliable […] | Activate McAfee with Activation code – McAfee Activate – McAfee is one of the best antiviruses that protects your device from numerous attacks such as blocking unsafe websites and downloads. These harmful threats consist of viruses, malware, ransomware, and spyware as well. Plus, it also gives several features like allows to perform a customized scan of a certain document or folder and […]

How to Fix “Provider DLL Failure 0x8009001D” Error

There are various moments when we need to update our OS or download a particular program or package on Windows 10. Sometimes, the device doesn’t work smoothly and flashes an error of refusing to proceed with your command. It might be due to the error “Provider DLL Failed to Initialize Correctly”, and it usually arises […]

Fix: Settings App Not Working on Windows 10

Settings app is one of the most used applications on our gadgets, and it is used to manage or monitor various actions or functions. Sometimes, users encounter crashing issues of Settings applications, and there are various reasons behind it. It may not work on various editions or systems, and this problem is also found on […]

Fix: “Microsoft Store” Error Code “0x80246013” on Windows 10

Microsoft is one of the most popular tech giants across the globe that provides various software and program to make our digital life smoother. Sometimes, some harmful bugs and viruses create hindrances in our tasks. The error code “0x80246013” is the result of these bugs and corrupted system program. This error arises when we try […]