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Sort by: | Redeem The Retailcard – McAfee Activate : Malware is one of the most usual cybersecurity dangers, and it is capable of creating havoc everywhere. There are many different types of malware, and each one of them can infect the devices in various multiple ways. Generally, people infect their devices by clicking on a malicious link or installing various malicious files. One […] – Steps To Activate Mcafee Antivirus Setup Fast And Easily.

McAfee Activate helps its users to secure their data from the risks of cyber attacks, threat intrusions, and other malware interference. Since the scale of cyber crime has risen in the past couple of years, people are now installing powerful security software such as McAfee. On the positive side, this antivirus can easily be installed via […]

Boost Windows 10 With These 5 Easy Tricks

Windows 10 is a recently updated operating system for windows users. It came with a lot of cool features and now runs in more 800 million devices according to Microsoft. Though, the user experience has not been the same for many as they found it little complicated and slow while starting it up. The reason […]

7 Useful Tips and Tricks for iPhone XR & XS

Apple’s iPhone XS and XR are one of the greatest  iPhones in the market. They come with an outstanding display and best in class design. Not to forget the Face ID feature that has changed how we use the device. As these phones are new in the market, you can learn various new tricks available […]

A Complete Guide for Checking Messages on Instagram

Are you new on Instagram? Do you want to send or check messages on your Instagram account? This guide will teach you about how to check the messages for sending a reply. How to Check Messages on Instagram Application? Go to the ‘Instagram app’ on the iOS smartphone. Sign into your account. Go to the […]

Alexa Doesn’t Understand You? Try These Fixes!

Everyone knows Alexa, even if you don’t know about it, you must have heard about it. Alexa is a virtual private assistant at Amazon. It has been there for more than four years, and it is on the way of becoming quick and smarter. You must have messed up with Siri, just like Siri, Alexa […]

How To Restore iCloud Pictures From Mac or iPhone?

Everyone knows that Apple’s first try at transferring pictures was named as Photo Stream. It had plenty of advantages, but at the same time, it even had a disadvantage of not being compatible with Apple gadgets. Apple understood with time, the need of iCloud Photo Library, and it started offering a method to save data […]

How to Repair Broken Headphones (Wired)

If you bought a new expensive headphone and accidentally broke it, then there is nothing to get worried about it. Like others, I will not recommend you to purchase a new one. Instead, you’ll get to know the method of fixing a broken headphone with the help of this blog. Remember! The given below steps […]

How To Reset PlayStation 4 DualShock Controller

I recommend you not to purchase another PlayStation 4 just because it started acting a bit weird. If facing problem while pairing it with another, you must try out some of the ways by which it will start working normally like earlier. For instance, you must do a hard reset or soft reset for solving […]

How to Change iMessage Text Bubble Color

iMessage is the application which is used by the owners to send the messages, images, videos, and also their current location to others. This is a popular personalized application which let the owners change the text color, different fonts, use images, and wallpapers. In case you wish to use this feature of iMessage, then you […]