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Fix Error 0x80070422 On Window 10 Using Quick And Simple Steps

Windows 10 is a part of personal computer operating system. It is the successor to windows 8.1 version. Developed by Microsoft for retail business Windows 10 is a popular among users and comes with additional features to enhance its reliability. One can easily get Windows 10 or update to Windows 10 by visiting Windows 10 […]

Users Can Now Edit the PDF Files in the Microsoft Office Word Application

Microsoft office is a go-to choice for several users across the globe for computing the tasks. One can opt for the package that allows to not only edit the reports but also create them, along with the provision of maintaining data in a spreadsheet and developing unique presentations. In office, users have the facility to edit the documents, […]

Microsoft to End Support for Old Versions of Office By 2020

The package is a very versatile software that provides the necessary tools to the users to accomplish tasks at a rapid pace. However, the old versions are about to go out in oblivion. Microsoft plans to end official support for the packages that are too outdated including support for office 2010, 2013 and 2016. These versions will no […]

The Bug of Internet Explorer Will Likely Be Fixed By Microsoft

Microsoft has recently declared a flaw associated with security that is impacting internet explorer is getting exploited via hackers. However, Microsoft has confirmed they have no intentions which are immediate in terms of resolving it. Microsoft says that supported windows versions are being impacted by this issue which comprises Windows 7, although the windows 7 version will […]

Microsoft has come out with patch releases for 2020 bug fixes

Microsoft office is one of the best software available for task computing activities. The package allows users to gain maximum productivity. Microsoft has come out with patch release of January 2020 security updates. There are numerous fixes that were anticipated including the vulnerabilities of 49. Eight of them have received a rating of critical.  The bugs will […]

Hackers Using Malicious Apps for Accessing Office 365 User Accounts

The office is a reliable product from Microsoft, and it allows several tools for the users to compute the tasks at a much faster speed than manual processes. The office 365 editions is one of the most productive releases from Microsoft and users sometimes have a hard time with Office 365 Setup issues, related to PC configuration […]

Support for Microsoft Office on Windows 7 Till 2023 January

Microsoft office is one of the most popular packages that has been used for decades. If one has been utilizing the office program on windows 7 operating system, then it makes sense to know the deadlines for the support of the product. Although Windows 7 is going out on January 15 this year office users […]

Relevant New Features of Office 365 for Organizations of Healthcare

Ignite from Microsoft is the most popular conference that helps to raise consumer concerns. There are more than 25000 people who attend it, they get to witness some of the latest offerings by Microsoft for their products such as the office 365 setup program. Microsoft teams are working on the functional platform of collaboration related to clinical […]

Grab the Opportunity to Become a Whiz at Microsoft Office with 2020 Training

The year 2020 has finally arrived and it is about time the one stays realistically true to the portfolio or resume. One must not miss this opportunity to become highly proficient in Microsoft office. The training will allow you to be significantly more productive, this can also be the basis for you to grab bigger […]

Microsoft Office Mobile Edition Features the Same Apps Seen On Other Platforms

Microsoft office is a fantastic software that has been by billions all around the globe as it provides the tools required for creating the presentation and documents with in-depth reports and analysis. Countless companies have been known to make the switch to software in order to increase their productivity. The mobile edition of Microsoft office includes […]