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Madden adds new Superstar X factor and Superstar features

Besides the above upgrades, downgrades and replacements for Superstar and Superstar X-Factor, EA has added newer and more effective features on the game. This will keep things going and still provide gamers with rewarding and abilities to make use of in a variety of modes. The new “Superstar X Factor Zone” feature is named “Protective […]

Why have Patriots started fast in 2019?

  The New England Patriots never have won lower than 11 games in a season this decade, and this trend is incredibly unlikely to absolve in 2019. The defending Super Bowl champions are 6-0 entering their Week 7 road game resistant to the rival New York Jets on “Monday Night Football.” New England is undefeated […]

How about the proceeds of the Path of Exile tower defense?

How about the income of the exile? Is the revenue of the tower defense game in the game really low? Do you want to fight tower defense? The following is a list of the benefits of the exiles, and let’s take a look. The S9 parasitic bacteria season has been open for a long time, […]

How much do you know about Madden NFL 20?

  When we were busy indulging in a real football game in the UK, the United States was busy with another sport that was mainly carried out by holding the ball. In my opinion, this doesn’t make any sense, but it doesn’t stop the NFL from becoming one of the biggest past events in the […]

Texans and Emirates: Madden 20 predicts Tyreke Hill

  The Kansas City Chiefs fight with the Houston Texans, which should be considered an offensive game. What is Madden’s comment on this? The Kansas City Chiefs received the Houston Texans at Arrowhead on Sunday afternoon. This week’s Madden 20 simulation game is expected to give Emirates fans confidence and let their team enter the […]

MUT 20 adds MUT Heroes LTD George Kittle, the newest veteran player

With another pair of MUT heroes as well as new veterans available, Madden 20 Ultimate Team can have a lot of content on Friday. In particular, a fresh tight-end option has emerged through the MUT Heroes LTD George Kittle card along with other Heroes and Sidekicks. Players in search of potential discoveries in packaging may […]

Why is the path of exile still the best F2P game?

The path of exile is a free, continuous online action MMO from Grinding Gear Games that allows players to play the role you exiled from your hometown and be trapped on the sinister Wraeclast continent. When playing games like Diablo and Drakensang, players must work alone or with other exiles to survive in the fantasy […]

I spent a lot of time on the MUT experience

As a well-trained casual player, I like to spend almost all of my time on the Madden Ultimate Team, but I don’t want to spend money. This year, I started to try the new QB1 franchise model Faces, and I am very happy. If you don’t have enough time to operate, don’t worry, you can […]

Madden NFL 20 can have an X factor

With the Madden NFL 20, EA Tiburon usually caters to Obsessed fan and casual fans alike. I end up finding it difficult to separate your lives instant games from your Madden NFL 19, for those times you played the game this past year, you are going to feel right in the home. If you don’t […]

WOW Classic: the new Dire Maul dungeon will release early next week

  Deere Moore is located in the Feralas area of World of Warcraft, an ancient ruin night elf city. From a more practical gameplay perspective, it is the main dungeon in modern times: most of the raids are kept in mind, which is crucial for defeating leaders from past team raids.  If you want to […]