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How to Export Gmail Emails to HTML

It is better to export Gmail emails to HTML file which opens in the web browser. When you complete this process, the emails keep their hyperlinks, pictures, text formatting, and it only takes some space as compared to PDF files. Do you want to export Gmail emails to HTML? Then follow the instructions given below […]

How To Block Any Program Using Windows Firewall

Many programs try to indirectly communicate with your network without even your knowledge. But Windows Firewall can ease you out, as it can be used to block any application or software on your computer to access the internet without your permission. Many third party software and apps try to connect to the internet in the […]

How to Access iPhone Notes from Gmail

You can syncronizes your iPhone notes with Gmail. This way, you can access the notes on your iOS device from your Gmail account. In case you have not done it already, then here’s how you can sync and access iPhone Notes from your Gmail account. How to sync and view iPhone Notes from your Gmail […]

How to Troubleshoot Outlook Mail Password Issues?

In the present era, Outlook is extensively used email platform for many organization communications. It offers effortless to utilize features with top class security for secure and confidential communication. But still, many Outlook users are facing different password issues and can’t able to resolve it. In terms of security, password plays a vital role. Thus, […]

6 Best Gaming Keyboards to Get in 2019

No matter what type of games you like to play, an ideal keyboard is a must. You need to upgrade to a better keyboard to get the best gaming experience. If you find it challenging to select the ideal one, the best gaming keyboard options are given here for you. Consider these gaming keyboards to […]

Rage 2 Price Drops Right After the Launch For All Platforms

Avalanche Studios and id Software have recently introduced their indigenously developed Rage 2 title for open-world shooter style games, and initial reviews are suggesting the title to be an excellent platform for players to experience gunplay. Still, many others have hinted that the game lacks in a constructive storyline which makes the in-game character less […]

How to Play Music from YouTube on Your Amazon Echo

In case you ask Amazon Echo to play music from YouTube, then a dialog box will appear on display asking your choose the internet browser you wish to use. Once you have selected it, the YouTube application will start auto loading on the Amazon Echo. Make sure that you cannot open the YouTube application by […]

Complete Guide to Using Firefox Sync

One of the most loved and oldest features of the Firefox browser is the ability to synchronize your browsing data between another device. When bookmarks were the first focus of the users, it has now extended into a bigger and more robust set of several services. Here you will learn the best steps of creating […]

How to Add a Printer to Google Chromebook

You have to add a printer to the Google Chromebook to print anything from the Google Chrome OS. In case you are using the Windows and Mac, then Google Chromebook printing abilities are run by the Google Cloud Print service as different Chrome OS. It will permit you to send the file or documents to […]

Rockstar Studios Undergoing Development For Multiple Gaming Titles

With the massive success of Red Dead Redemption 2, gamers have been wondering as to what mega-hit is Rockstar Studios planning for. Many have been wondering what the awesome studio behind the well know GTA series may be undergoing with development for a single title, but to a surprise, an employee at the Rockstar studios […]