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How to Convert Live Photos to Video on iOS 13

You can capture various images on your iOS devices and store them for future. After the release of iPhone 6 or iPad Pro, users got a new feature called live photos. Using this brilliant feature, you may record and stream a mini video of 15 seconds. In case you wish to create a small movie […]

Fix: Google Assistant Won’t Play Music

In two simple words, you can define Google Assistant as a virtual assistant. Basically, its function is to allow you to control your smartphone using voice commands. For instance, it can make appointments and send messages. It can play songs as well. There can be many reasons behind the Google Assistant not playing the music. […]

How to Remove Background Graphics in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint has many themes which you can use in your presentation to make it more attractive. It is well-organized, and it will save you a lot of time which you can utilize in creating the presentation. Do you want to remove background graphics in Microsoft PowerPoint? Then go through the steps mentioned in this […]

How to Fix the Selected Disk is Not a Fixed MBR Disk

Are you encountering the selected disk is not a fixed MBR disk error? Then, follow the instructions mentioned in this article. You can fix this by converting the disk to MBR, fixing the boot manager and turning on the UEFI in BIOS. Here’s how to fix the selected disk is not a fixed MBR disk […]

How to View and Use Twitch Chat in Game

Most of the Twitch users have one dream in their life, to own two gaming monitors. One for gaming or creating content and other for having conversations with other users and audience. Sadly not everyone can own two monitors in their home do to the lack of sufficient space and money. With a single monitor, […]

Apple To Restrict Facebook, WhatsApp Voice Calls To Prevent Background Data Collection

Apple is making sure that they are seen as a privacy priority company as Apple sets to restrict well-known apps from gathering data in the background. It was recently revealed that apps which allow internet voice calls can collect data from the device in the background without the user’s knowledge. Stepping forward, Apple will need […]

Nintendo Switch Lite: Release Date, Price, and Specifications

The Nintendo Switch is going to release its new gaming console in upcoming September 2019. The all-new Nintendo Switch Lite is compact, only handheld gaming console, and is targeted towards young gamers and kids. The new Switch is available in various colors and themes. The gaming console is a perfect device to take on the […]

Gallery Go vs Google Photos: Which One Is Better

Google Photos is amongst the best gallery as well as backup apps for your smartphone’s media, photos and videos. By turning on Google Photos on your device, users are able to back up the media saved on the device in case they lose it. Google Photos has amazing features of backup as well as it […]

How to Change or Add a New Email Address to your LinkedIn Account

On LinkedIn, your email address is used for mainly two purposes, for logging in to your account and for sending you the emails. The email you’ve provided to LinkedIn at the time of creating your account is the primary email address. You can change this as well as add more email addresses to your account. […]

How To Fix Error 506 On Google Play Store

Many of the users get error code 506, which is a failure of updating and downloading an app. Google Play Store is a secure platform for Android users to get new apps and update the installed ones. 506 error occurs when a user receives failed updates and downloads. The issue can occur due to several […]