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About Author: Solving the IBS Puzzle is the one-stop destination that imparts knowledge about the bright yellow watery diarrhea, what are its causes as well as its treatments.

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Get Rid of Digestion Problem through Credible Source

Peristalsis refers to the series of wave-like muscle contractions that transports food to the different parts in the digestion tract. The process initiates from the esophagus when food gets swallowed from the mouth. Peristalsis ends in the large intestine in which water from undigested waste material gets absorbed in the bloodstream. At last, the remaining […]

Know More about Green Diarrhea and How It Can Be Eliminated

A green stool may be dreadful to see, but its causes differ greatly from dietary issues to discharged bile. A green stool is a sign of concern which should be considered on a serious note. The symptoms of green diarrhea are headaches, abdominal cramps, vomiting, nausea, etc. The shade of the poop can significantly vary […]

Things to Consider If You Are Having Yellow Colored Watery Stools

Our body is one of the complex entities, and there’s no denying the fact that human stool can illustrate the underlying health problems. Often people experience diarrhea, but they don’t know that its root cause can be addressed with the symptoms cured. Diarrhea in itself is a chronic ailment that offers discomfort as well as […]