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Just The Sight Of Cleaners At Work Can Be Reassuring Amid Covid Crisis

They say a magician should never show you how the trick was done, and the mystery of the movies is lost when you discover what goes on behind the scenes. However, it seems this is no longer the case, where we appear to be entering a new age of transparency. In the time of coronavirus, […]

How To Clean Up Your Home After You Clear Away The Christmas Decorations?

One of the most exciting parts of getting ready for Christmas is putting up the decorations and trimming the tree. When the holiday starts, you cannot wait to put up the lights and hang the tinsel. However, as much fun as it was putting them up, what goes up must come down and, when it is all […]

East Midlands Railway Hires More Cleaners As Second Lockdown Ends In England

Now that England is coming out of its second lockdown and adopting a tier system, cleanliness and hygiene has become even more important. This applies to homes, workplaces, and public transport, as a growing number of people are venturing out of their homes and travelling on buses and trains. The end of the second lockdown […]

Car Giant Working On Robot Cleaners-It May Not Be Sci-Fi After All

There are millions of people out there who love cleaning the house. They enjoy brushing up and doing the dusting, often feeling a sense of achievement and accomplishment when it is done. However, at the same time, some see doing the housework as a chore or an inconvenience. Many do not enjoy tidying up, considering […]

Family Business Cleaning Up For Half A Century

Look how far they have come! A family cleaning firm, started by two brothers from Leicester in the East Midlands, has just reached a major milestone. Let us have a big hand for Hands Cleaners Limited, which has just celebrated its 50th birthday. Who could have predicted when Bill and Eddie Hargrave set up their […]

Why Not Go Green When Doing The Cleaning

We are now well beyond spring, the time of year when people usually decide to give their house a thorough cleaning. However, in the current pandemic, many have perhaps neglected the housework as they catch up on other things or try to cope with home-schooling. Now lockdown is easing slightly and kids are on school holidays […]

Some Cleaning Chemicals Should Never Be Mixed

Mixing cleaning chemicals can be dangerous and now a survey has spelt out which should never be used together. If you are an expert cleaner, you will know how to keep your home spic and span. However, when catching up with housework during lockdown and beyond, you should always be careful to avoid any mishaps. […]

Safe Cleaning with Touchpoint Cleaning System

The world has faced an unprecedented challenge in the past few months, touching the lives of every individual. We have had to adapt to living under lockdown. Now as restrictions are being lifted, and we slowly and surely return to business, we have taken steps to protect both our staff and cleaners in these uncertain […]