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About Author: Squat Racks Canada is amongst the leading manufacturers that offer a wider range of high-quality gym equipment for the at-home gym set up. The company is based in Canada and is 100% Canadian owned and operated. This can be seen as the company procures the raw materials from leading Canadian suppliers for manufacturing an outstanding quality of workout equipment Canada.

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A Guide for Weight Training Enthusiasts

So, you want to build muscle strength and want to take weight training seriously. Here’s a comprehensive guide about barbell and weight plates, to invest in. Be it an Olympic level weightlifter, strength training athletes, or any gym enthusiast, if you are looking for stabilized strength building you must look into barbells. Unlike dumbbells, barbells […]

Three Things No One Will Tell You About Creating At-Home Gym

In between all those expensive gym equipment and high-priced gym membership plans, it seems like staying in shape is becoming a privilege. Slowly, going to the gym is becoming some sort of privilege that only people with high incomes can afford. But don’t. worry because we have got a shortcut. Ah! That’s such a relief. […]

Buy Gym Equipment for Good Working Out Experience from Trusted Brands

What are the things that you have learnt in 2020? There has been a huge disturbance in our lives in the last year and still, we are trying our best to adjust to new circumstances that arise in front of us. But one thing we believe has changed and that is only for the good. […]

Three Must-Have Gym Equipment in Your Fitness Studio

Running a successful gym is a tricky thing. After all, no matter how great your fitness studio looks or how many facilities you have, if you do not use the right kind of commercial gym equipment people would not like your gym. And this is the last thing that you want, right? Of course! That’s […]

Barbell Buying Guide 101: Everything You Need to Know

Hello, people! The year is surely ending but we are just getting started. Staying fit is something that we all want to do but the issue is that we don’t have enough time to focus on our body. Since we are always busy, it becomes a little hard to stay fit. But that will not […]

Make Your Own Personal Gym with Squat Stands and Power Racks

This year has presented quite a big challenge for all of us. For months we were not allowed to step out of our homes. Going to public places scared us, and for obvious reasons, we had no choice but to adjust to the conditions. While some people have put on weight by being couch potatoes […]

Set Up a Mini Home Gym by Following These Steps

Are you thinking about starting a mini home gym where you can exercise after work? Do you want your gym to have all the important equipment? Do you want your gym to look spacious so that you can easily exercise without hurting yourself? If yes, you are at the right place. We understand how important […]

Three Types of Barbells a Beginner At-home Gym Must Have

For the past few months, due to the pandemic, most gyms and workout places were shut down. And even now, to avoid any health risks, most gyms are avoiding opening their doors. But this must not hinder your workout routine. In times like these, when it is difficult to get out and go to a […]

Turn Your Home into a Mini Gym

We all want to get the beach perfect body. But what we can’t do is stay loyal to going to gym. And how can we? After all, we have a busy schedule we have got to abide by. And after doing all the work, we just want to stay at the comfort of our house. […]

Five Factors to Consider Before Setting Up a Home Gym

Avoiding going to a gym due to your hectic schedules is no excuse to compromise with your health and fitness. Regular exercise is beneficial for your body to keep it fit and fully functional. And you can achieve that by setting up a home gym. Having an at-home gym will give you the flexibility to […]