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Comparison of ERW and LSAW Steel Pipes

“ERW steel pipe” is a high-frequency straight seam resistance welded pipe. It is used to transport vapor and liquid objects such as oil and natural gas, and can meet various requirements of high and low pressure. At present, it plays a pivotal role in the field of transportation pipes in the world. 1. Welded pipe refers to […]

Comparison of Performance and Technical Indicators of ERW and SML

1. Tube blank quality ERW steel pipe special steel has high purity. Through de-S, de-P, de-aeration, Ca treatment and other methods, the S and P content can be controlled below 0.005%, the N content can be controlled below 0.008%, the shape of the inclusions can be controlled to be spherical and the number can be greatly reduced. The C […]

Cooling Method of Seamless Steel Pipe

After the seamless steel pipe is heat-treated, it is required to wait for it to cool before proceeding to the next step. The cooling method of seamless steel pipes changes with the changes in their manufacturing materials. For most steels, the natural cooling method can be used. For some seamless steel pipes with special purposes, in order to ensure the […]

Difference between ERW and UOE steel pipes

The difference between ERW straight seam resistance welded steel pipe and LSAW straight seam submerged arc welded (UOE) steel pipe: Straight seam welded steel pipe is divided into high frequency resistance welding and submerged arc welding according to the welding process. Straight seam submerged arc welding is referred to as UOE, and straight seam high […]

Testing method of oil casing pipe

The detection methods of oil casing pipe are: 1. Ultrasonic inspection When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the tested material, the acoustic characteristics of the material and changes in the internal tissues have a certain effect on the propagation of the ultrasonic wave. The degree and condition of the ultrasonic wave are detected to understand […]

Application of N80 Oil Casing Pipe

N80 oil casing pipe is an important equipment for oil drilling. Its main equipment also includes drill pipe, core pipe and casing, drill collar and steel pipe for small diameter drilling. The domestic casing is made of geological drilling steel by hot rolling or cold drawing. The steel number is represented by “geology” (DZ). The commonly used casing steel grades are DZ40, […]

Characteristics and Application of ERW Straight Seam Welded Pipe

ERW straight seam welded pipe, also known as “resistance welded straight seam welded pipe”, ERW straight seam welded pipe is mainly divided into two forms: ERW AC welded steel pipe and ERW DC welded steel pipe. ERW straight seam welded pipes are divided into low frequency welding, medium frequency welding, super intermediate frequency welding and […]

Differences Between ERW and EFW Steel Pipe

ERW is the abbreviation of electric resistance welding. The welding method of ERW pipe and submerged arc welded pipe is significantly different. The pressure welding method without filler metal is adopted. The weld is not filled with other components, and the skin effect and the proximity effect of the high frequency current are used to […]

How To Carry Out Hydraulic Test On Oil Casing Pipe

The hydraulic test of oil casing is an indispensable part of the production process of steel pipe. Its function is to test the leakage resistance of steel pipe under standard test pressure and voltage regulation time. It is the same as the flaw detection process of ray and ultrasonic. It is an important means to […]

Classification of Oil Casing Pipe Steel Grades

The oil casing pipe is used to support the oil and gas well walls to ensure the normal operation of the entire well after the drilling process is completed. Each well is based on different depths of drilling and geology, using several layers of casing. After the casing is down, the cement is to be […]