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Here’s How Your Child Will Be Benefited from Early Learning

Did you know children who attend early childhood education tend to perform well in academics than those who haven’t attended the program? Yes, children who are behind kindergarten are more likely to fall behind in their educational experiences. Research shows that early childhood education is the best way to help your child learn essential skills, […]

Creating a Successful Morning Routine for Pre-Schoolers

So your little one has started preschool recently, and the mornings are overwhelming. Well, you’re not alone. Every parent, especially parents of primary kids, experience the same. Of course, those first few months of mornings of preschool can be hard. But, eventually, your little one would love to be at the day care Five Dock throughout the […]

Is Early Education Bad for Children? Here’s What You Need to Know

Many parents these days are genuinely confused about enrolling their children at a day care centre. This is because they firmly believe that early education does no good to their child’s future. However, the truth is exactly the opposite. There’s so much misinformation about child care centres being circulated amongst parents these days. Here’s the […]

How Positive Self-Esteem Help Kids to Succeed in their Lives

As early as five years of age, kids are starting to develop new abilities. Along with this is that they are also starting to build their self-confidence as they try things on their own. As children get older, self-esteem becomes more significant, and it is essential to maintain their trust in themselves and understand their […]

Early Childhood Centre at Five Dock to Help Ease Child Separation Anxiety

Choosing child care is not that easy as not all child care Five Dock centre is suitable for all children. So parents are looking for better childcare since they believe that they will have a big influence on their child’s upbringing and well-being. Child care Five Dock centres have become a necessity for Australian families as […]

Factors to Consider When Is the Right Time to Start Schooling

Most parents are having challenges assessing when is the right time for their children to start their education. As protective as parents are, it is still difficult for them to put their child’s safety in the hands of other people. Although some parents also let their kids go to preschool as young as three years […]

Why Is Child Care Important?

As selfless as parents are, there are things that they can’t do given time and energy restrictions. While some guardians are completely able to support the education of their children from the comfort of their own houses, others are not as privileged. There are guardians who will have to work almost 24/7 to continue feeding […]

Why Enrolling Kids In A Day Care Centre Is Beneficial?

The events and experiences that your children have as children lay the groundwork for later learning and connections with family, friends, and peers. The foundations of learning and socialising are laid when they are still very young. Many parents consider enrolling their children in child care Five Dock for the same reasons. Day care Five Dock isn’t just […]

Reasons Why Kids Need a Structured Environment before Elementary School

Do you know children who are enrolled in early learning programs are better prepared for elementary school and do better than kids who aren’t? A child’s early age is an important time in their lives as it is when they learn how to interact with parents, family members, peers, and teachers. In fact, it’s the […]

Know these 4 Mistakes Parents Should Avoid in Child Care

Any parent would want to impart the best care for their children. This is also why they try enrolling their kids in a good day care program offered by a trustworthy child care Five Dock centre. As a parent, you should not just research and find out the best day care centre, but also constantly monitor the […]