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Creative Ways to Use Greaseproof Paper This Christmas

As we start to embrace the festive season, printed greaseproof paper is an essential tool that comes in handy during all the preparation and cooking. From wrapping presents to making yummy Christmas desserts, you’ll be using greaseproof paper in almost every way imaginable! To help you out this Christmas, here are a few creative ways […]

5 Reasons the Food Industry Prefers Greaseproof Paper

The food industry needs greaseproof paper that can protect their products from getting damaged during transportation and storage, while still being cost effective to purchase. If they choose the wrong type of greaseproof paper or run into unexpected issues with it, the food that they are packaging could get ruined before it makes it to the consumer’s […]

Why Do Restaurants Use Printed Greaseproof Paper For The Promotion?

Restaurants are definitely an important place, where people eat together, discuss business and make friends. The restaurant not only provides food and drinks, it also has its unique characteristics, such as decoration and printed greaseproof paper. Restaurant printed greaseproof paper can be used on different occasions, like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and so on. […]

Why Greaseproof Papers are the Way to Go for Your Food Business?

If you’re looking to set up your own restaurant, food truck, or any other type of food business, you’ll quickly learn that a critical piece of the puzzle is how to choose the right printed greaseproof paper suppliers, as this paper will help protect your product against any grease-related mishaps. But what exactly makes printed greaseproof […]

The Many Benefits Of Using Printed Greaseproof Paper

Greaseproof paper, or grease-proof paper, can be used in a number of different ways throughout the kitchen. It comes in handy when cooking some recipes that might leave grease spots on other types of paper, such as greasy pizza boxes and baking sheets. Greaseproof paper has many other uses as well, such as wrapping up […]

Not Just for Cooking: Reasons to Use Printed Greaseproof Paper

Some of the best paper products are those that you can use in your kitchen, especially if you’re looking to save time and effort, or if you want to get creative with your cooking ideas. Greaseproof paper is exactly what it sounds like—it won’t be affected by grease, so you can use it to line […]

5 Ways Printed Greaseproof Paper Can Help Promote Your Brand

Imprinted greaseproof paper products can be used to serve all sorts of purposes, from the obvious (wrapping sandwiches) to the more obscure (creating handmade cards). However, you might not realize just how powerful printed greaseproof paper products can be in promoting your brand and marketing your business. Here are five ways that printed greaseproof paper can help […]

Greaseproof Paper – The Best Way to Keep Your Food Fresh

A lot of people don’t realize that greaseproof paper can be printed with a variety of designs, like your company logo or an advertisement for your latest promotion, which makes it great marketing material as well as something useful to help keep your food fresh and clean from grease. Since printed greaseproof paper can’t be penetrated by […]

Greaseproof Paper – What You Need To Know

Greaseproof paper is an indispensable product in many industries, including the food industry. However, before you start printing greaseproof paper or even buy any, you should first understand the key properties of greaseproof paper and its uses. In this article, we will cover what greaseproof paper is and how it can be used in different industries in […]

How to Choose Greaseproof Paper?

A greaseproof paper comes in handy when you’re using food packaging to store or ship food products, or when you’re using it to wrap things like sandwiches and other takeout foods. There are plenty of reasons why greaseproof paper is the perfect choice for these jobs, but what you may not know is how to […]