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Timeshare Cancellation in Florida 101

> Congratulations, you’ve bought a timeshare! If you are like a lot of people, your next move will be trying to get rid of it. When people enter into a timeshare contract, it’s usually with the dream of having affordable vacations well into the future. However, it ends up canceling the timeshare due to the […]

Tips To Choose the Right Timeshare Attorney

Choosing the right timeshare attorney in Florida is one of the most vital aspects in getting rid of your timeshare. So that’s what we’ll go through in this comprehensive guide: how to pick the best timeshare exit team, and what to avoid. When it comes to choosing an attorney for timeshare cancellation, here are a few recommendations. Know […]

Why Is Timeshare Cancellation Difficult?

Many people regret purchasing timeshares. Consumers can be drained by these vacation estates. In addition, the scheduling mechanism is quite complex. As a result, you’ll only be able to utilize your timeshare when it’s convenient for everyone else. This holiday option also includes a shared component. It’s possible that you’ll be held liable for the […]

How to Cancel My Timeshare in a Pandemic? A Complete Guide!

If you want to rescind a timeshare contract after the COVID-19 outbreak, you must act quickly and follow the correct procedures with the help of the timeshare exit team in Florida. Did you know large parts of the U.S. economy are reeling from a shutdown? Many have lost their jobs after the COVID-19 outbreak. Research says […]

Timeshare Cancellation Facts You Should Know

Timeshares are never as perfect as they seem. Well, it’s no secret that many timeshare owners are left displeased with their purchase. Getting into a timeshare is easy, but giving away the timeshare, selling the timeshare, or canceling the timeshare contract can be difficult. For that process, you’ll need an attorney to work your way […]

Tips To Choose the Best Timeshare Attorney in Florida

Are you looking to cancel your timeshare? Consider hiring the right timeshare attorney in Florida! Unfortunately, most of the timeshare property owners, brokers, and real estate agents will take advantage of this tendency. So, it is essential to hire professionals for the stress-free timeshare canceling procedure. Not sure from where to start? You are on the […]

Why You Should Own Your Timeshare In Your Trust?

How should you handle your timeshare in terms of estate planning? Should you transfer ownership of your timeshare to your revocable trust if you have one? Should you keep it in your name or jointly with another member of your family? What if you don’t use it very often, and despite your best efforts to […]