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4 types of ELSS funds in India

Investing in ELSS tax saving funds will get a tax deduction under section 80c of the income tax act, 1961 for investment up to Rs. 1.5 lakh per annum. An ELSS fund has a lock-in period of three years for ELSS funds and they will have to hold them for a certain time period if […]

All you need to know about mutual fund apps

In mutual funds, the funds are gathered from the investors which are pooled together and are then invested in different asset classes like debt funds, liquid assets etc. Mutual funds are generally operated by professional money managers who allocate the fund’s investments and attempt to generate capital gains or income for a fund’s investors. A […]

How does a SIP calculator work?

A systematic investment plan or a SIP is a popular method of investment in India. These are ideal for small investors who want to invest small amounts every month rather than investing a lump sum in mutual funds. An investor may choose to invest every week, monthly or on a quarterly basis. A fixed amount […]

What are the advantages of investing in liquid mutual funds?

Liquid funds are basically debt mutual fund schemes. Investors can use it if they have excess cash and think they might need the cash in a few days or weeks or months. If an investor wishes to invest a large sum in equity fund, but want to stagger the investments over a period, an investor […]

5 reasons why you should invest in ELSS mutual funds

An ELSS fund or an equity linked saving scheme is a scheme which makes it possible for people to save huge money on their tax payments while incurring the profit through equities at the same time. An investor will opt for ELSS funds by people of every age group and in every profession. It is […]

All you need to know about mutual funds

What are mutual funds? Any individual who wishes to start investing in mutual funds should firstly understand the basics of mutual funds. A fund manager is someone who manages the pool of money which is collected from different investors and they invest the money into different investment options like company stocks, bonds and shares. Mutual […]

5 steps to take before investing in SIPs

A SIP or a systematic investment plan is a type of investment scheme which is offered by mutual fund companies. SIPs allow an investor to invest a small amount of money periodically into a selected mutual fund. Before an investor is planning to invest in SIP, they should understand what is a SIP and how […]

What are the advantages of using a mutual fund calculator?

In mutual funds, funds collected from a lot of investors, who aim at investing money and building wealth, and the collected funds are invested in different asset classes like debt funds, top liquid funds, and others. The allocation of the funds into different assets and funds are done by professional money managers. Just like gains […]

5 benefits of investing in Systematic investment plans

A systematic investment plan or a SIP is a smart and convenient way of investing money in mutual funds. Through a SIP, an investor can easily make investments of a pre-determined amount at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.). This type of investment is a planned approach towards investments, and they help an individual inculcate […]

9 advantages of investing in large cap mutual funds

A lot of investors understand the importance of diversification through asset allocation through a portfolio that is meant to balance out the risk and reward trade-off between equity, debt and cash holdings. Under the equity or stock positions within a portfolio, an investor will have a wide array of investment options with different characteristics, advantages […]