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TMS Therapy – Everything You Need To Know

Depression is often a confusing and overwhelming mental disorder. Yes, many are unaware that they are dealing with depression. In addition, there’s so much uncertainty to this disorder. There’s a lot we don’t know and how it affects our life. However, treating depression at the right time is important for the betterment of your life. […]

Risks and Impacts of Untreated Depression

For people who struggle with depression, their experiences are the same. They aren’t interested in anything, finding difficult to get out of bed, won’t be able to focus on anything, and can’t even think about getting help. Perhaps always exhausted. In fact, taking the first step to feeling better is impossible for many. A study […]

TMS Australia: Another route out of depression

With the rapid rise of depression cases all across the world and recognising the need to alleviate these cases, medicinal therapy has slowly been resisted by patients affected by it. This rings concerns for many physiatrist as depression is one of the leading causes of disabilities and more concerning disorders down the line such as […]

TMS Australia: TMS Treatment and Support

Each year, there’s rising cases of depression all around the world and even more so with the current in-home setup placed onto many working families. TMS Castle Hill clinic would add as well that the cases bring about more disabilities if unattended. While in the forefront of bringing TMS treatment to clinics and encouraging the treatment’s spread […]

Medicare Benefits Schedule Expands to Add TMS Therapy

At present, the treatment for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) spans over four weeks and at a cost of $3,500 to $5,000 – this alone isn’t even a full on fix for the issues it tries to resolve. With many people choosing to take TMS therapy to alleviate the effects of their disorders, such as was the case […]

Medicare Benefits Schedule Welcomes TMS Treatments

The mental health system we have today has grown since it was first noticed, with disorders now properly cited by their symptoms and which regions of the brain are heavily affected due to them, leading to treatments and medications being worked on each day. TMS treatment is such treatment that’s come into the limelight, though […]

Perks Of Early Detection and Treatment of Depression

Believe it or not, depression has a major impact on an individual’s life. When depression is unrecognised and untreated, it can affect the quality of life, day-to-day activities, and daily functioning. Not to mention the impacts of depression that affect the overall health. Depression continues to be a common problem worldwide. However, early detection and […]

Why Is It Important To Identify And Treat Depression?

Do you know every day, at least six Australians die from suicide and 30 people attempt to take their lives? One in five (20%) Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in a year, and about 54% of people with mental illness do not get it treated. Clinical depression is real! But, not many are […]

5 Ways TMS Therapy is Effective in Curing Depression

Depression is an issue that impacts women, men, and children all around the world. People from all walks of life get affected by it due to many reasons. Depression significantly hinders one’s personal and professional life, and it may even lead to suicide. When antidepressants aren’t as effective, people find TMS therapy helpful. So what’s TMS and […]

Hidden Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Sadly, some don’t even realise that they are depressed. Feeling down and sad from time to time is a normal part of life. But, when hopelessness and despair take over you and won’t go away, it’s quite serious, and you’ll need professional help as you are suffering from depression and anxiety. More than sadness due […]