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This is a disastrous economic number for Joe Biden and Democrats

There are a lot of bad numbers kicking around the political world for President Joe Biden and his party in Congress at the moment, but none may be worse than this one: -45. That’s Gallup’s most recent Economic Confidence Index number, which “summarizes Americans‘ ratings of current economic conditions and whether the economy is getting […]

Joe Biden suggests demolishing Uvalde school after mass shooting

President Joe Biden has said that he is considering demolishing the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 young children and two teachers were shot and killed last week in one of the worst mass shootings in US history. State Senator Roland Gutierrez told KSAT that the president promised to provide federal resources to potentially […]

Joe biden calls on 2022 Naval Academy graduates to be defenders of democracy

President Joe Biden on Friday called on this year’s graduating class at the US Naval Academy to be “defenders of democracy” in an address outlining the many challenges the world and the graduates now face, including Russia’s war on Ukraine. The President reiterated his oft-used line that the nation faces an “inflection point” as it […]

Joe Biden says US would respond militarily if China attacked Taiwan

President Joe Biden said Monday that the United States would intervene militarily if China attempts to take Taiwan by force, a warning that appeared to deviate from the deliberate ambiguity traditionally held by Washington. The White House quickly downplayed the comments, saying they don’t reflect a change in US policy. It’s the third time in […]

Joe Biden approval rating drops further with young Americans

Young Americans in new poll, Only 41% of young Americans approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance, according to a new Harvard Institute of Politics poll of adults ages 18-29 released on Monday. That’s down from 46% in fall 2021 and a 59% majority last spring — a trend also seen in other recent surveys. […]

Joe Biden announces new Ukraine security assistance ‘large javelin’

President Joe Biden said Thursday the US will send an additional $800 million in military assistance to Ukraine as Russia’s war enters what he called a “critical window,” but warned congressional action is necessary for further shipments as the war grinds on. The speech was Biden’s first public event dedicated to the war in weeks, […]

Joe Biden says now convinced Putin has decided to invade Ukraine

President Joe Biden on Friday said he is now convinced Russian President Vladimir Putin has made the decision to invade Ukraine, but emphasized that room for diplomacy remains. “As of this moment, I am convinced he’s made the decision,” Biden said during remarks at the White House. The President also said the US believes Russian […]

Joe Biden Move fast on SCOTUS a tragedy would ensue

Democrats are preparing a mad-dash confirmation for President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court pick, fearful that with an evenly divided Senate, the door to act could close at any moment. Now, they just need Biden to do something he’s historically struggled with: move fast and send them a name. Just hours after the retirement announcement of […]

Joe Biden legislative agenda going nowhere 1 year into presidency

President Joe Biden, who ran on his deep relationships in Senate and ability to build bridges, will cap off his first year in office with his legislative agenda at a standstill – unable to get his Democratic Party fully united and facing steep opposition from Republicans. Biden’s major legislative priorities are in limbo after Democratic […]

Joe Biden climate goals remain elusive as spending bill stalls

President Joe Biden faces a steep path to achieve his ambitious goal of slashing planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, amid legislative gridlock that has stalled a $2 trillion package of social and environmental initiatives. Biden’s Build Back Better plan, which contains $550 billion in spending and tax credits aimed at promoting clean […]