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About Author: [TC]² is the one-stop destination for all those who are searching for effective solutions for taking pattern grading and the best body scanners on the market. [TC]² is a the leading company which provides the best 3D body visualizer, scanner and other software solutions. The company is recognized for its 3D scanning software and consultancy, installation, and tanning services.

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Buy a Powerful 3D Body Scanner for Your Clothing Industry

People working in the clothing industry face a common problem i.e. unable to offer the right size of clothes to people. Due to improper fittings, customers often return the clothes that they have purchased. In simpler words, ill-fitting clothes are a real drawback for garment manufacturers. But not anymore! Well, if you are working in […]

Pattern Grading Software: Helping Create Customized and Right Fit Clothes

Have you been struggling to manufacture clothes that have the same pattern but different sizes? Have you been unable to find employees that are skilled in pattern grading? If yes, you have come to the right place. To explain in brief, pattern grading is defined as the process of expanding a pattern to clothes of different shapes […]

Reach the Top of Your Game with 3D Body Measurement Scanners

In the world, there will always be competition and you will have to live on the edge; if you do not have the right things by your side to help you figure out what is the best and the worst for your business. Taking about the fashion industry, there are millions of designers out there […]

Know Why Medical Sector Uses 3D Body Scanning Devices

Whenever it comes to 3D body scanning devices, we think that it is only used by people working in the fashion industry to design the right fitting clothes. But it is not true. Of course, 3D body scanning products have changed the way the work is done in the fashion industry but it has blessed […]

Buy the Best and Advanced 3D Body Scanners for Apparel Manufacturing

Are you in the apparel manufacturing business for the past few years? Do you want to keep up with the current demands of the customers for perfect fit clothes? If yes, then you need to read this article to know about how you can bring a change in the process. Apparel manufacturing is a complicated […]

Know How to Buy the Best 3D Scanning Services

With the ever-changing needs of the industry, you need to find the best tools that can keep your business functioning. The fashion industry keeps on evolving in every few months. Most fashion industries follow a general measurement size to manufacture their products, but customers often have complaints that they need to get their clothes fitted […]

Buy the Right Kind of 3D Body Scanning Devices

Today, when we stop and take a look around the things that we are surrounded by, we see the innovative and latest inventions of technology that are helping us improve our lives. These innovations have not just helped us but have come forward as blessings for many industries too. As we are talking about technology […]

3D Body Scanners: Changing the Landscape of Fashion and Apparel Industry

Do you remember going to a shop to buy a clothing item that did not do justice to your physique? Either it was too tight or too loose to fit. Then you would go to another shop where you find a clothing item of the same size but surprisingly it fits you perfectly. Fluctuation in […]

Know How You Can Utilize 3D Body Measurement Technology for Growth

As we all know, the world is rapidly changing and growing every single day. It is the help that we get from technological development that we are able to function more accurately. When you are into the fashion industry, you know the challenges that you face every single day. You get multiple orders and you […]

Buy the Best Body Scanning Device Today

It’s a fact that the world around us is changing continuously and the best thing about this constant change is that technology is always bringing something new for everyone. Certainly, there are so many things that we are blessed with because of the innovative technology and in this post, we are going to talk about […]