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Find out how premier e-commerce players use the McAfee Secure Trustmark

As a small business owner, you have to be careful about the security of your data. You heard repeatedly that how necessary it is to optimize your site for conversions. Adding trust signals to your site is one of the top and best ways to do so. McAfee has launched the security app, as with […]

The best security for your Kindle Fire tablet

Norton is an excellent security solution to protect you in this era. Moreover, it is a good value for money ensuring excellent malware protection without hurting system performance. Norton offers three layers of protection including signature matching. The protection is strengthened by the analysis formula as it controls the behavior of software and checks the […]

Protect all your digital files and memories with McAfee Online backup

McAfee Online backup takes the inconvenience of manually backing up all of your valuable digital and graphical files be it Microsoft Outlook email or treasured family photos. Once you’ve installed the software, the backup process becomes easy as it is fully automated. Your files are then encrypted and stored on a secure server online. Because […]

Social Media: Staying safe with Norton

Social media has become a necessity for many of you. You may constantly post your snaps on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and a multitude of other social platforms. You do so, in order to stay connected you’re your friends online or to let the world know the exciting experiences you are […]

Why Mcafee antivirus important to prevent Cybercrimes?

Whenever you think of cybercrimes, the first and foremost thing, which comes in your mind, is those cybercriminals or hackers accessing your data or device. The rate of using the internet is increasing day by day and it is no wonder that these hackers have followed the masses. Many of you have become a victim […]

Is Norton setup capable enough to fight against emerging cybercrime?

In this morning today, when I scanned the headlines in my newspaper to find something amusing, I get to see the same news “Massive Data Breach” in different versions, with different titles, from different sources. Despite the emerging threats in our digital life, we are connecting more and more our lives online. We are unknowingly […]

How to shred unwanted files using McAfee activate?

While deleting files or programs from your Windows phone or computer, you may encounter that data is not deleting completely. Although, it is an intelligent feature for you might need to recover the same piece of data. The deleted data can be recovered anytime again. However, to delete the data forever, use McAfee security /McAfee mobile security system. […]

Try Norton Free trial products before downloading from

If you are the kind of a person who prefers to have a product demonstration before making the purchase, then you are my kind of a person. As a person, who toys with every antivirus software utility tool available in the market, I have to say that Norton free trial has served me best to this day. […]

How to Install Norton antivirus on your Computer via

In this article, we will give a quick walk through to help install Norton Internet security suite on your computer. Nowadays, when everyone is connected through any digital platform or cloud services, it is as easy as taking a walk in a garden. All you need is to follow a set of simple instructions to install Norton […]

How to activate McAfee LiveSafe on Windows 10?

If you have been using a free McAfee trial version, which is now going to expire, you will require activating the software. If you do not activate or renew the subscription, the scan and protection features will not serve the purpose. Hence installing mcafee activate for premium security becomes mandatory. Why do you need a paid version […]