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How to select a Gasket Maker

Gasket makers or flange sealants are used to seal fluid systems within an automobile setup and are a great alternate to traditional gaskets, which are used to form a seal and avoid leakages. Traditional gaskets are made up of compressible materials that can squeeze and this allows them to form a seal and protect fluid […]

Things to know about Resins

What is Resin? Epoxy resins are a two component system consisting of resin and hardener. These components are mixed in a ratio to form a solid plastic which can be used not only for industrial purposes and boat buildings, but also in art. Thus besides can also be used in floor tables, pictures, jewellery, or […]

Silicone Spray- A Multifunctional Lubricant

Silicone spray is the releasing agent and lubricant, free from mineral oil and grease. It can be used as an excellent lubricant, waterproofing and corrosion protection for plastics, metal, rubber and wood surfaces. Since it is water resistant it can also protect items from moisture. Since these sprays have much to offer it is important […]

7 Types of Tool and Safety Equipment to Ensure Personnel Safety

Ensuring safety of employees is an important task for employers and industries. It is a duty of employers to create a safe working environment for the workers and ensure their fullest safety. Every employer is aware of risks in their industry and measure to prevent these risks. However there are some common and important safety […]

Tips to Reduce Maintenance, Repair & Operation Costs for Your Company

Every industry requires a set of services and materials to maintain, repair and operate their facilities, machinery and equipment in order to smoothly run its operations. The proportion of items involved in this process are called MRO items. This vast line of product involves items like lubricants, repair components, safety tools, and many other items […]

MRO Chemicals and Why it is Important to Procure them from Quality Sources

MRO stands for maintenance, repairs and operating supplies that consists of all the materials consumed during the production process that are not the part of final product. Suppliers of goods and services across different sectors such as energy industry, Iron and Steel Industry, transportation industry, aviation industry needs industrial machineries and MRO’s to manufacture their […]

What are some good ways to keep your tools rust free?

Rust often leads to corrosion and an unreparable damage if neglected over time, moreover it results in endless frustration and a thump of pending tasks. The good news is you don’t have to throw your tools just because they’ve accumulated rust. By following some simple tips you can have your tools handy and rust free […]