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How to Choose a Quality Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester

Many people purchase a portable Rockwell hardness tester so they can test the hardness of their metal. Portable Rockwell hardness testers are needed for many different purposes, not just by jewelers and goldsmiths. They are also used in industries such as automotive, construction, aerospace, transportation, among many others. All that said, figuring out which Rockwell […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Buying a Paint Thickness Gauge

A paint thickness gauge or paint meter is used to determine the coating thickness of a particular coating. This tool can be used on any surface, including metal, concrete, and wood. It’s important to have a quality paint thickness gauge because an improper reading can lead to costly mistakes. If you’re reading this guide for […]

Coating Thickness Gauge – Why You Need Them and How Measuring Methods Work

The coating thickness gauge is a device used to measure the thickness of coatings on metal surfaces. These gauges are frequently used by automobile parts manufacturers and metal fabrication shops that manufacture products for various industries.   A coating thickness gauge is a product commonly found in machine shops, where it is often utilized in […]

Advantages of Portable Hardness Testers

Hardness testers are devices that are used primarily for testing the hardness of workpieces by applying rapid shock loading. These instruments are designed to measure the force required to penetrate a material, either with a calibrated steel probe or a diamond tip. Hardness testers are used to determine the hardness of steel, aluminum, brass, and […]

Digital Rockwell Hardness Testing System: Everything You Need to Know

Before you can choose between the various digital Rockwell hardness testing systems, understanding what they are and what they do is essential. In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know about digital Rockwell hardness testing systems, including how a Digi-test differs from a conventional test, and why some brands are better than others. […]

Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Testing System: Everything You Need to Know

Digital micro Vickers hardness testing system is a common way of quantifying the hardness of materials in engineering and manufacturing. This is accomplished by using a sharp object such as a diamond point or needle to scratch the surface of the material being tested in order to determine how much force is required for scratching […]

Top Scrub Abrasion And Washability Testers – Things You Need to Know

There are many different types of surface testers for abrasion tests, analyzing scratching and wetness qualities. The latest trend in testing has been to include hybrid machines that test both dry and wet conditions. For those who are curious, here’s a list of what we believe to be the best testers for various abrasion/scratch analyses. […]

Byk Micro-Tri-Gloss Meter: Important Facts That You Should Know

A Byk Micro-Tri-Gloss Meter is a tool to test the gloss and light transmission of the surface of any object. It consists of an analyzer and a custom designed tester probe, light source and installation accessories. The application of the Byk Micro Tri Gloss Meter is different from traditional light meters because it does not measure reflected […]

5 Best Portable Metal Hardness Testers

With a variety of portable metal hardness testers on the market, it can be overwhelming to find one that’s right for you. The good news is that there are plenty of websites and apps that allow you to compare all the different models and make an informed decision. This will help you ensure your purchase […]

Finding the Best Portable Metal Hardness Tester Online

If you work with metal, knowing how to determine the hardness of it is not just invaluable—it can also save you a lot of headaches. Buying an expensive piece of equipment at a local science supply store and then reading about actually using it on the internet is not exactly practical when you’re working with […]