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Keeping Your Cat Properly Hydrated

With summer right around the corner, it’s important that you pay attention to your pet’s water consumption. Dehydration in cats can happen. You would want to watch out for signs of dehydration such as low energy levels, appetite loss, dry gums, and skin and sunken eyes, to name a few. More obvious clues include panting […]

What to Do If Your Cat is Throwing Up?

An upset stomach can cause your pet cat to throw up. But watch out for continuous signs of tummy upset because it might be a more serious condition that warrants the help of Kamloops veterinarians. There are a lot of possible causes of a stomach upset. If you have a playful cat or an outdoor […]

Tips in Choosing Food for Your Cats

As you know, a proper diet is a basic part of a healthy cat. Surprisingly, many cat owners don’t know what constitutes a healthy diet for their pets. It also doesn’t help that there are a plethora of cat food options out there. When you go to a store to shop for cat food, you […]

5 Steps to Healthy and Happy Cats

As a pet parent to a cat, all you might want to have is a happy and healthy pet. It’s heartbreaking to see our pets sick. If your pet seems unwell or ill in Kamloops, visit a veterinarian in Kamloops immediately. It shouldn’t take a lot to keep cats healthy and happy. Here are a […]

Don’t Forget to Pay Regular Visits to your Vet in Kamloops.

Has it been many weeks since you visited your Vet? You might think that your furry baby seems just fine, then it wouldn’t harm to skip a vet visit this time too. However, it’s essential to keep your pets in check and visit the clinic on a regular basis. If you remain in touch with […]

How to Decide Which Kamloops Veterinarians Hospital is the Best?

Our pets cover a vast portion of our lives, and when something happens to them, the helplessness that we feel is scary, isn’t it? However, if you see any unnatural activities in your pets, it’s better to visit the best Veterinarians Hospital in Kamloops and be on the safe side. But it is also true […]