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About Author: Thermal Design Solutions is a San Francisco Bay Area based consulting firm specializing in thermal management of electronics. Thermal Design Solutions can help you with your thermal design, from analysis and simulation to testing, development and post launch support. With decades of expertise in the field, their engineers can help you with a wide range of services for your projects.

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Thermal Design Solutions: Offering Powerful Thermal Design Model for Effective Results

When you see a car or an electronic gadget, you always have a few questions on your mind about its design, speed, benefits, function and its limitations. Before you decide to buy or invest in a product, you contemplate all the factors associated with it so that you’re making a wise decision. So, when you […]

Thermal Modeling: Crucial for Creating an Efficient Mobile Device

The electronics market is growing by the day especially the mobile devices industry such as the smartphone business. All kinds of devices are coming into the market every year. If you are a new player in this market, you must understand that the development of smartphones with exciting features requiresa lot of research and development. […]

Thermal Modeling and Analysis and Thermal Management Solutions

The most popular electronic device in the worldright now is probably the smartphone. Almost everyone you know owns it. Since the launch of the iPhone in January 2007, there has been increased demand for smaller, thinner smartphones with higher processing speeds. Although this is possible, it makes thermal management of the device difficult. There are […]

Thermal Design Solution: Your Thermal Design Consultant

If you have been to an electronic gadget manufacturing firm, you must have seen what goes on into the production of an electronic device. So many parts must be designed, built and put together using different processes. Every year, hundreds of new electronic gadgets are launched in the market. And, often, customers are found complaining […]

Finding the Best Thermal Analysis Company for Optimal Results

There are a lot of electronic products that get launched each year. And many people wait for new electronic gadgets because each one is different. Some products come with interesting features and create a sensation in the market. But little do people know that, behind each innovation, there’s a lot of hard work needed to bring […]

Why Thermal Management is Important in Electronics

Thousands of electronic devices are launched every year. The average consumer does not know how these designed are designed and built. But each electronic device requires the work of dozens of engineering specialties working together and seamlessly. Advances in each of these specialties determines whether a given device is commercially successful or not. This is […]

Thermal Management Solutions are Key for Building Efficient Electronic Devices

As you might have observed, we are surrounded by numerous electronic equipment that make our life comfortable. One of the devices that have become an important part of our life is a smartphone. This small device has revolutionized our way of living. Since its invention years ago, this device has evolved manifolds. Starting as a […]

Know the Right Way of Finding Thermal Design Experts

Are you thinking of manufacturing a new electronic gadget? If yes, this post is for you because here we are going to tell you about the one thing that can help you save a lot of money later. We are talking about the thermal design and thermal modeling of electronic gadgets. Though most people working in the […]

Hire the Right Thermal Design Consultant Company

Today we cannot imagine a single day without using a smartphone and this is how much we are dependent on technology. The constant innovation in technology has brought so many changes in mobile phones and other devices. Now we not only use a phone for calling or messaging, but also for practically everything communication. And […]

Thermal Modeling and Analysis Benefits for Engineers while Designing Devices

Modern electronic devices have changed the way we live and interact with one another. But smartphones have completely revolutionized the way we stay in contact with other people, interact, do important things such as paying bills or ordering food and other commodities. Indeed, it is fair to say this electronic device has revolutionized our lives. […]