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Name: The Title Girl
About Author: The Title Girl is the entrepreneurial venture started by industry expert Chelsea Cunningham. We are a car title transfer company in Texas and the perfect partner for dealers, individuals, fleet owners, and even out of state dealers who need assistance in completing official paperwork related to buying, selling and owning cars and other vehicles.

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Get Your Vehicle Titles Transferred With Ease

When you have a car dealership business life can be tough. There are days when you have too much on your plate, from handling clients to making sure that all the titles are transferred on time.You have to manage a lot of things. Modern problems require modern solutions. Instead of running to different offices, you […]

Transfer Vehicle Titles Easily with Professional Help

The automobile industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Because of this, more and more people are becoming interested in it from a business perspective. Whether it is a cab service, ride-sharing service or product delivery service, entrepreneurs are taking the plunge and starting their own businesses. Does this sound appealing to you, and […]

Let the Professionals Help you Obtain a Duplicate Title

Nowadays it seems that we have little time to focus on anything outside of work. Unfortunately, it is all too common for friends, family, and projects around the house to take a back seat to our careers. And because of all the tension and stress caused by the job and issues surrounding us in our […]

Use a Car Title Transfer Service to Sell a Car With Ease

There are any number of reasons why someone might be inclined to sell their car. It could be because they are relocating to a new city, or it could be just to make some quick cash. While finding a buyer for your car is fairly easy, completing all the necessary paperwork associated with the sale […]

Vehicle Title Transfer and Registration Made Easy

When you are running a business, there are always plenty of administrative tasks you have to manage if you truly want to provide the very best customer service experience to your clients. When it comes to owning a car dealership, one such extremely important service is completing the vehicle title transfer. The constant struggle of […]

Renew Your Vehicle Registration With Ease!

Texas is a wonderful state known for its rich history, magnificent scenery and diverse population. The blue beaches, amazing night life, delicious food, and cultural activities are thought by many to be some of the best in the country. As the second-largest state in the U.S., Texas is a popular vacation choice for these reasons […]

Let the Experts Take Care of Your Vehicle Title and Registration Needs Now

When you own an automobile, whether is it just one vehicle for personal use or a fleet that is used for commercial purposes, the registration and title need to be maintained. Specifically, the registration must be renewed at regular intervals, usually annually, and the title must be transferred to any new owner as the situation […]

Title Transfer in Texas Made Stress-Free

When you live in Texas and own a vehicle, having possession of the title and proper registration is vitally important to prove legal ownership and to operate the vehicle. When you buy a used car or when your parent’s or spouse’s vehicle is willed to you after their death, getting the title of the car […]

Duplicate Titles Made Quickly and Easily

With this fast-paced life that most of us lead, we have become a lot more forgetful or at least only seem to remember the truly important things in our lives. Many people are prone to forgetting passwords or losing car keys. I’m sure that at the very least you can relate to forgetting a password, […]

Eliminate the Annoying Process of Car Title Transfer

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States by both population and area. Each year, thousands of students from all across the globe travel to Texas to attend the many world-class colleges and universities en route to starting their careers. Some of the more popular institutions of higher learning are the University of Texas, […]