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About Author: TITAN RIG is a retail company, we are specialized in pc components and accessories that help build high-performance computers. We deliver the best pc liquid cooling kit to DIY sleeved pc cables and also pc cases, cables, lightning strips, LEDs, controllers, hubs, etc. Estd. in 2014 and located in San Antonio, Texas with 16,000 square foot warehouse, we are proudly serving PC enthusiasts, modding and gaming communities along with the best customer service.

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Top Tips to Decrease The Gaming PC Heat With Radiator

The secret thing in availing the cooling control of air lies in fans and with lots of fans. Your distinctive air-cooled PC is outfitted with case fans, graphics card fans, as well as a CPU fan or two; located atop a chunky metal heat sink to maintain your costly components nice and cool. An Aio Water […]

Distribute the Damaging CPU Heat with CPU Water Cooler

        The thermal cooling improvement method of a multi-threaded workstation computer paired with thermoelectric air cooler unit is studied experimentally. The monitored parameters mostly concentrate on top of the computer load conditions, by and without thermoelectric air cooler module, cooling fan turns on/off functions, as well as different cooling fan sizes. In […]

Count on The Growing Scope of Online PC Accessories

Online stores that sell PC components like Fan Hub for PC are surging up to make it big in the industry. There are flourishing tales wherein they are on track with a small capital and ultimately made a big business out of it as the moment passed by. There are a couple of explanations that can be […]

What to Use- Air or Liquid Cooling System?

A cooling system is the primary requirement of a computer. No matter what type of PC you build, it is necessary that you pay special attention to the system. Depending on the cooling system, you can build different types of PC. However, cooling systems are usually available in two types: air and liquid. It is […]

Water Cooling: Everything You Need to Know

  Controlling the temperature of computers has become a necessity in today’s time. Moreover, they have gained popularity in recent times for PC games. The processors have improved speed as well, and hence, the amount of heat generation would be large too. Therefore, the air cooling kits may not be able to remove heat properly. […]

The Advancement of a Cool and Quiet System for PC Performance

You are familiar with where you would like to have the AMD vs. Intel fence and whether you desire to go Crossfire or 1 bigger card. There possibly will be some fundamental features of your system design that you have not measured. Rigging a system for the long term denotes you need to allow for […]

Water Cooling Kit: Everything You Need to Know

Controlling the overheating and high temperature of your computer components with liquid PC coolants has become a popular solution for many PC users. As the processor speed nowadays has risen significantly, the heat generated has also increased. If you’re not able to handle the heat removal process in the components, this can slow down your […]

Install a Water Cooling System to Amplify on Overclocking Performances

From the time when computers have been accessible to the people, they have accompanied the ability to control the temperature of the CPU by means of air cooling systems. An air-cooled system is just the make use of fans built to the case of the computer applied to cool of the components within the computer […]