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About Author: TITAN RIG is a retail company, we are specialized in pc components and accessories that help build high-performance computers. We deliver the best pc liquid cooling kit to DIY sleeved pc cables and also pc cases, cables, lightning strips, LEDs, controllers, hubs, etc. Estd. in 2014 and located in San Antonio, Texas with 16,000 square foot warehouse, we are proudly serving PC enthusiasts, modding and gaming communities along with the best customer service.

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How Liquid Cooling Enhances the PC Performance

While building a PC, it gets easy to only focus on raw power for the CPU and GPU. To keep those powerful components functioning efficiently though, the best CPU cooler is needed. CPU Coolers are important for the working of the system and while they are not much exciting as the graphics cards, they are […]

Liquid Cooling Can Do Miracles to Your System; Know More!

If the user loves taking up the maximum output of their system hardware, then liquid cooling is an important function. An AIO liquid Cooling CPU and GPU or a custom loop featuring 360 or 420mm radiators will be perfect at transferring heat from the system than an air cooler. Overclocking indecently surges the heat released by the […]

Here Are Some Best PC Coolants That Must Be On The List

The water block is an essential component of water-cooling. With the help of liquid cooling and a full cover PC Water Block, the system can easily be overclocked and can maintain the high core frequency without performance failures or thermal throttling. Water blocks strive to provide a solution to a particular problem by transferring heat away […]

Know Why Your PC Requires Water-Cooling

The Alphacool water cooling kit consists of selected products that maximize the usability of the system for the user. These complete cooling kits are useful to both small cooling requirements as well as large systems along with multi-core processors or extremely over-clocked systems. As Alphacool has a decade of experience, it provides ideally configured cooling systems. With […]

Water Cooling is Very Essential for a PC; Know Why

Every PC requires cooling as the CPUs generate a lot of heat. If the user likes the idea of liquid cooling but doesn’t want to research over the individual components, then many ready-to-use Coolant for Liquid Cooling PC. These kits get plugged directly into a computer’s expansion slots or power supply and provide liquid cooling to […]

Here’s Why Your PC Requires cooling components

When CPUs get too hot, the motherboard has to scale the performance down to keep temperatures at reasonable levels. This means that while playing games or working with digital video or doing other demanding tasks, the CPU isn’t operating at its peak performance. The same can be said for video cards and hard drives as […]

Know Why Fan Controllers and Cooling Kits are Important for PC

Fans are a requirement whether an air-cooled rig is being built or if a more advanced PC water cooling is being installed. Processors, in particular, can get hot so a Cooling Fan Hub does the work of cooling it. In most PCs, one or two fans, along with the GPU fan, are sufficient to keep the PC […]

Know Why a Liquid Cooling Kit is Necessary for Your PC

Water cooling is one of the most effective, comprehensive cooling solutions for diminishing the temperatures of the computer’s CPU and GPU. It can quickly and hassle-free transform the air-cooled PC into a complete water-cooled system. The GPU Liquid Cooling Kit comes with everything required for a CPU-focused liquid cooling system and many times it can be increased […]

Here’s Everything You Should Know About PC and Its Inside Architecture

Leading IT sectors use computers and know, how vast is the inside engineering of a CPU. The popularity of Computer Fan Hub has been surging over the last few years, and there have been more case producers including fan controllers in their products as little extras. The rise in powerful components, such as CPUs and GPUs, can […]

How to Skillfully Utilize a High-end Radiator for Cooling?

If you’re wondering which size radiator you require, there are many alternatives as it comes to radiators. Much will rely on dual features, although, your PC case and hardware you’d be cooling down, but you also should consider how calm you desire your computer to become. Beginning with computer case – you require checking how […]