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NBA 2K21: The first major controversy emerged

They released the latest NBA 2K21 demo version on Monday, and soon the first major point of contention emerged, which was shot out. For those who don’t know, 2K adds a layer to shooting with a stick. Players can use NBA 2K21 MT for jump shots. This has been in 2K for many years, but in […]

Madden ’21 makes Eddie George the captain of the “ultimate team”

The virtual world of football has as much respect for Eddie George as it does for the real world. In the Twitch live broadcast on Tuesday, EASports revealed the captain of Madden NFL 2021’s popular Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) mode. George was the first-round pick for the Houston Oilers in the 1996 NFL Draft. He […]

Madden 21: Madden 21: EA clarified Yard’s PVP options at the time of release (updated)

EA announced that it will start with players at launch. There can be three human players on each side. At the beginning, I found the blog that you can only play cooperative style because of the use of terms such as duo and threesomes, which usually refer to this type of game. EA launched the […]

The latest patch for Path of Exile will be released in September

“Grinding Gear Games” revealed that it decided not to keep the latest expansion mechanism of “Path of Exile”. However, GGG stated that we may restore the Harvest system. Harvest’s goal is to use a more deterministic creation system that will allow players to access POE Currency in the early stages of character development. GGG believes […]

Path of Exile is undergoing massive improvements to item filters with new features

“Path of Exile” was rated as one of the best action-playing games. This is a daunting statement, but when you see the number of updates and the players can use POE Currency, it’s clear that no other title can come close. Frankly speaking, Blizzard’s upcoming “Diablo 4” is unlikely to shine in the way of […]

Madden 21: Analysis of player ratings, new features

With the cover of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, EA Sports’ upcoming Madden NFL 21 is expected to bring more superstar firepower and more features to fans. MUT 21 Coins can also get many stars in the game Character. The latest important sports series will be released on August 28, and a lot of information has […]

NBA 2K21 Is Officially Well Behind Schedule With Its Release Of Info

For many years, it has been known that 2K will release information about the upcoming NBA 2K version in August. Whether the role of NBA 2K21 MT is still the same as before, we have no way of knowing. It felt like it was at the last minute. From a sales perspective, it is difficult to […]

How to use the sacred woods for gardening on the Path of Exile: Harvest

The latest update of Path of Exile requires players to plant monsters in the garden, and then collect their lives to earn POE Currency. The free ARPG Path of Exile was first released in 2013. It is located in a dark and terrifying fantasy world full of monsters, undead and hostile wildlife. Like other ARPGs […]

NBA 2K21: New gameplay details, potential WNBA MyCAREER, demo and more

The new batch of gameplay details of NBA 2K21 have surfaced online, detailing some differences between the current version and the next-generation version. So far, whether NBA 2K21 MT will differ from NBA 2K20 MT. No way to know. We will also look at the recent WNBA MyCareer rumors. With the release of NBA 2K21 […]

The best items in the path of exile and their functions

During the seminar, I can discuss which items are worth selling to other players and which items should be thrown to NPC vendors. There is no easy answer, and item values ??may vary greatly during the patching process. However, you can take some simple steps to determine whether POE Currency is worth the money. If […]