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About Author: Topology’s mission is to provide custom-fit eyewear for anyone and everyone. Using their innovative technology and companion app, you can design, customize, and buy your new pair of custom-fit glasses from the comfort of your own home.

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Why You Hate Your Eyewear and How to Fix It

If you’re like most, there’s probably something you don’t like about your eyewear that you wish you could change. Whether it’s how they feel on your face, how well you can see out of them, or the vibe they give off, if you’re like most glasses-wearers, you likely have at least one qualm about your […]

How Technology Creates Eyewear That Not Only Fits Better but Also Looks Better

Technology is what moves the world forward. It seems like these days, innovation is almost the norm, and it’s through these innovations that our lives have become easier and more connected than in years past. While you might think of the tech in your smartphone or car as the latest and greatest innovations, tech in […]

Consider Your Eyewear an Investment in Your Style

What kind of eyewear are you wearing? If you’re like most, they’re probably mass-produced stock frames, meaning they’re right off the shelf and made in an attempt to be “one size fits all.” While most of us have gotten used to having to compromise when it comes to eyewear,“ good enough” isn’t something we should […]

Prescription Eyewear Could Be Your Most Stylish Accessory

How do you approach buying prescription eyewear? Do you see them purely as a tool to help you see clearly and avoid bumping into things, or are they a defining accessory on your face? Either way, your glasses are on your face all day every day so it’s important that you like them. If you’re […]

More Than Comfort: How to Design Custom-Tailored Eyewear for the Perfect Look

When you buy one-size-fits-all stock eyewear off the shelf, if you’re like most, you’re often stuck choosing between style, fit, and comfort. But what if all three of these factors could coexist seamlessly on your face, helping you see better and feel comfortable throughout the day while looking effortlessly stylish doing it? It’s possible if […]

How to Tell If Your Eyewear Doesn’t Fit

Consider how long your glasses spend on your face. If you put them on when you wake up and take them off when you go to bed, that adds up to a good amount of hours a day, let alone per year. With something that spends so long on your face, why would you settle […]

How to Rock Clear Frames

Clear frame glasses are trendy and in style in a big way. Many people enjoy the appeal of clear framed eyewear because it’s bold without overpowering the face while remaining versatile for a variety of different occasions. With that in mind, as with most bold and nontraditional accessories and frames, some tips on how to […]

The Truth About Stock Eyewear

For years, buying eyewear has been the same: You go to an eyewear store, browse the frames they have, find ones that look close enough to what you’re looking for, and then have your glasses fitted all while making style and fit compromises along the way. Many people think that this is the only way […]

How Custom-Tailored Eyewear Can Help You See Better

Your glasses serve two distinct purposes. First, they help you see the world around you. Well, at least they should, but unfortunately many stock glasses—the frames you see on the shelves that are premade and ready for purchase—don’t fit you optimally. This means you’re not looking through your lenses at the best angle, the one […]

The Problems with Stock Glasses

Buying glasses is easier than ever with thousands of dedicated eyewear shops around the world stocked with standard frames. You can pick from hundreds of styles that range from quirky to sophisticated to classic and bold all designed to project a particular image and impression on the world around you. Stock glasses are what many […]