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Novica is a Fair Trade company that helps artisans in developing countries to find new customers for their products. Novicacatalog is a way for you to shop for handmade goods from all over the world, which are made by skilled artisans. It’s an easy way to find something special from a distant place, as well […]

Hand Craft

Hand craft is the process of making something by hand, using tools such as knives, saws, and hammers. It can be used to make furniture, clothing, jewelry, and many other things. Hand crafting is a traditional way of making things that has been around for centuries. Many people enjoy hand crafting because it allows them […]

Artisans Houston

An artisan is defined as a skilled worker who produces items by hand. The term “artisan” is often used to describe people who work in the food and drink industry, but it can also apply to those who work in other industries such as art, jewelry, and fashion. Artisans play a critical role in the […]