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5 Best Android Yoga Apps Available in 2019

Yoga is now very popular all around the world. Nowadays, people do it for various reasons. Some people practice as an exercise while some do it for relieving pain. You can also stay focused, motivated, and calm in your regular life by doing yoga. If you can’t get started by self, you can use various […]

5 Best Apps for Reading Comics and Manga

You don’t need to run to the closest bookstore now for browsing comic books. Instead, you can have the webcomic apps easily on your device. You can enjoy both paid as well as free comics available in those apps. You get the option to read them instantly or save them to read later. With digital […]

How to Make a Website Using Google Sites

Creating a new site may seem daunting and time-consuming. If you are new and do not have much idea about website development, then you can use Google Sites. Using this G Suite feature, you can create high-quality websites with ease. Here’s how you can use Google Sites to create websites. Source:- Make a Website Using Google […]

Top 5 Best Social Media Sites of 2019 for Brand Awareness

If you are a social media marketer or a digital marketer, then you would have to choose the right social media platform for your brand for business. In today’s market, every brand or business has a robust online presence. While creating an online presence of your business, you have to choose a social media site […]

How to Turn on a Virtual WiFi in Windows

If you are using a computer or laptop, then you can transform it into a wireless hotspot. Also, you can connect your mobile devices. So, here some instructions to enable a virtual Wi-Fi in Windows. Source:- How to Turn on a Virtual WiFi in Windows, Using Windows 10 Here is the process of enabling a virtual […]

5 Best Workout Apps For Android and iOS in 2019

Losing pounds and getting in shape has never been so easy. An individual’s will power and unshakeable focus help them in achieving their long term fitness goals. There are thousands of fitness apps available out there but many don’t have enough to offer to users. From tracking calories to create a workout regime, here are […]

5 Best iOS Wallpaper Apps In 2019

Customization of your iPhone with stunning wallpapers is one of the most noticeable things in a phone. Wallpaper is the first thing that comes just after unlocking your phone. Thousands of wallpaper apps are there in the Apple Store but not every app is worth downloading. One can search for wallpapers on Google but cannot […]

How to Reset your Android and iOS Device

Usually, your device might get stuck while you are using it. Then you might get irritated. In some cases, resetting is the only solution. Here are some instructions on how to reboot and reset your Android and iOS device. Basic Reset on your Android device Source:- Reset your Android and iOS Device, •    Launch your phone’s […]

How to remove Bookmarks of different Browsers

Bookmark is an easy way to revisit your websites. All browsers provide different ways to help you find your pages without any difficulty. If you are looking for ways to remove bookmarks on your web browser, then you can do so easily. So, here are some instructions given below. Remove Bookmarks in Chrome Source:- Remove Bookmarks […]

How To Turn Off Autocorrect Feature On Android Device

The Android auto correction feature can be a pain for those who love to chat on their mobile. This feature automatically corrects any unknown word. So whenever you use short forms, abbreviations, or taglines, it automatically replaces them with a most matching word. It is seriously very irritating when this happens all the time. Source:- Turn […]