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Top 5 Backyard and Outdoor Speakers in 2019

If you like to listen to music in your backyard or anywhere else outside, you need to have ideal outdoor speakers. They let you enjoy music loudly and have a pleasant time with your friends and family. There are plenty of great backyard and outdoor speakers available in the market these days. But the best […]

Top 5 Apps for Turning Photos into Art

Not only Instagram or Snaphat filters can make you look different. Even a few particular apps can turn your photos into art. You can make any of your photos look like a painting with the use of the available artistic filter apps available in the market. They are ideal for the both smartphone as well […]

How to Repeat YouTube Videos Infinite Times

Sometimes we need to re-watch a video several times, but if we talk about our favorite song, then you might think about how can you repeat a video on YouTube. Do you want to listen to white noise music or relaxing music on YouTube in the background? Or if you’re going to play a track […]

How to Replace the Background of an Image in Photoshop

Wondering how to change or replace the background of a photo in Photoshop? There are a lot of tutorial videos available on this topic, but sometimes words speak better than the visuals. So today, we are be going to talk about how you can change the portion that is behind an object in Photoshop. So […]

How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Connecting Issue on Surface

Unable to connect your Surface to the Wireless Display Adapter? In this guide, you’ll get the solutions to troubleshoot the wireless adapter connecting issue on your Surface. Source:- Microsoft Wireless Adapter Connecting Issue on Surface, Check these things first: •    Check the connections: Make sure you’ve plugged the adapter’s end correctly into the right port of […]

How to Fix Microsoft Edge Browser Not Working or Stops Working Issue

Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Microsoft Windows. Default means when you click a link in any document or message, it will open in Microsoft Edge. However, Microsoft Windows allows the user to change the default web browser of their Windows device. But, many users don’t want to install or use any other browser […]

How to Connect Xbox 360, Xbox 360 E, and Xbox 360 S to a Sound System

Xbox 360 console allows you to connect it to the sound system. You can easily connect your console with the sound system by using a suitable audio cable. Different sound systems and Xbox consoles require a specific audio cable to make the connection. If you also want to connect your Xbox console to a sound […]

Guide to Fix Yellow triangle with Exclamation Mark on Windows 10 Battery Symbol

Is your Windows 10 battery symbol shows a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark? No worries, it is quite uncommon for users, and seeing this issue just after a purchase can create a problem for you and also worried the users. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to replace the battery of your Windows […]

How to Resolve “A Web Page is Slowing Down your Web Browser” Error?

Are you using Mozilla Firefox? Facing “A Web Page is Slowing Down your Browser” Issue? No worries, many Firefox users have noticed that their web browser began to slow down. And suddenly shows an error message “A Web Page is Slowing Down your Browser.” However, by this error message users get two choices either to […]

Complete Guide to Restarting or Shutting Down Your Mac Remotely

Apple offers one of the best methods for restarting or shutting down your Mac. Yes, Mac users have one good news they can remotely restart and shutting down their MacBook’s within a minute. However, it is easiest and efficient way, as in many circumstances non-cooperating computer system is physically far away from the users. For […]