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About Author: Unoreads, the knowledgepedia, is an online e-learning platform to help the students and government job aspirant all over India to prepare for all the leading Government Examinations like – UPSC (Civil Services, CAPF, etc.), SSC (CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, etc.), Banking (IBPS, SBI RBI, PO and SO and Clerc), Railways and many more exams.

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Notes for UPSC Exam about Stock Exchanges of India- Indian Economy

Introduction Stock market is a type of secondary market where the transactions of old and existing shares and securities are made. About Shares Shares refer to the shared capital of the company. It represents the portion of the ownership of the shareholder in the company and also describes the right of the holder to the […]

Art and Culture-Pre-Historic Rock Painting for UPSC and Banking Exam

Introduction The first discovery of rock paintings in 1867-68 by archaeologist Archibold Carlleyle. The most common sites of pre-historic times are: caves of Madhay Pardesh, Uttar Pardesh Andhra Pradesh Karnataka Bihar Kumaon Hills Lakhudiyar in Uttarakhand(rock shelters on banks of River Suyal). The Paintings from this times are divided into three categories: Man Animals Geometric […]

Indus Valley Civilization – Points to Remember for UPSC Civil Services Exam

The Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) was a Bronze Age civilization (2600-1900 BCE) extending from what today is North-east Afghanistan to Pakistan and North-west India. It flourished in the basins of the Indus River, one of the major rivers of Asia, and the Ghaggar-Hakra River, that once coursed through North-west India and Eastern Pakistan. The Early […]

Citizenship of India – Indian Polity Notes For UPSC Exam

  The Population of a State is divided into 2 classes – Citizens and Aliens. Citizens enjoy full civil and political rights; aliens do not enjoy all of them. Citizens are the member of the political community to which they belong. They are the people who composed the State. Aliens are further classified as friendly […]

Study About Art And Culture For UPSC & Other Competitive Exam

    Gupta Age Art and Architecture Introduction The emergence of Gupta Empire is called as the Golden Age of Indian Architecture. The temple architecture, Buddhist architecture and cave traditions reached its climax. Caves tradition in Western India Mainly there are three types of Indian art and Architecture that were executed while building caves in […]

Know About Biology- Plant Morphology for UPSC and Competitive Exams

INTRODUCTION Biology is the most important of all core science subjects. Morphology means the study of forms and features of different parts of plants like leaves, roots, flower etc. In this article we will learn about Roots Stem Flower Fruits Bryophyta This group of plant lacks xylem and phloem. They also lack roots, stem and […]

Basic English Grammar for SSC Banking and Railway Exams

INTRODUCTION English is a subject of language. And like any other language, there are basic rules of grammar that needs to be followed while learning any language. To learn English, the three basic requirements are: Know the Basic Rules of the English Grammar Learn as much vocabulary as possible. Practice, practice and practice. English language […]

Details About the CULEE Exam 2021

About the CULEE 2021 Christ University Law Entrance Exam, commonly known as CULEE is conducted to get entrance into the Christ (Deemed to be University) The School of Law. The BA, LL.B (Honours) at The School of Law, is specially designed with a multi-disciplinary approach to cater to the legal industries’ requirement of litigation, judiciary, […]

Importance of Yoga in a Student Life

It is known universally that modern age is the age of stress, tension and anxiety and young generation are the falling prey to depression. Nowadays most of the students are not leading happy and productive life as they indulge in materialism that simply aggravates the already existing problems in their lives. As a student you […]

GK For Competitive Exams in Biology-Transportation in Plants

INTRODUCTION Plants take water and minerals from the soil through the roots and transport it to the leaves. The leaves prepare food for the plant, using water and carbon-dioxide during photosynthesis. This process of photosynthesis prepares food for the plant which is necessary for energy to the cells. The cells use this energy to carry […]