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How Can Hot Stone Massage Work?

Hot stone massage originated in Greece, though there are unconfirmed reports of this was used in Egypt too. The custom of hot stone massage now is utilized by several therapists as part of their therapeutic touch. It’s said that the procedure was used by the early Greeks as a remedy for the debilitating signs of […]

Massage-therapy: Shiatsu

Shiatsu originated from China and Japan, but is currently considered as one of the very well-known kinds of massage therapy worldwide. Shiatsu can also be called”finger pressure” massage and it is often utilised to decrease stress and enhance flow. Shiatsu is a special kind of Japanese body work emphasizing concepts in traditional Chinese medical theory […]

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy – Discover The Many Advantages of This Effective Technique!

When folks think of massage, then they automatically consider getting a massage at a single day spa or beauty clinic. But massages can really be received on the skin, in the torso, and anyplace that you rub your palms and/or arms. There are several diverse types of massage including sports massage, frequent massage, reflexology, Swedish […]

Trigger Point Therapy

What is Myofascial Release (MFR)? Self-myofascial Release (SMFR), also called transcutaneous release, is a technique for rehabilitation and rehab with an EMS object for a stimulus-transducer. This can be done with minimal movement or effort required in the individual. The objective of self-myofascial Release (SMRF) is to encourage neuromuscular adaptation via mechanical stresses placed on […]