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Four Glitter Eyeshadow Looks You Will Love

A single word sums up this year’s most amazing glitter eyeshadow looks: FUN! In spite of our admiration for natural and low-key beauty styles, cosmetics maximalists will continue to command attention for the remainder of this year. Even if you don’t usually go all out with your makeup, these trends will encourage you to go […]

Why Local SEO Matters for Your Business?

Take out your phone, open Google, and type “best Chinese restaurant” into the search box. What do you think you see? The top results aren’t always the greatest Chinese restaurants in India, and they’re unlikely to be part of a large chain. It’s usually a locally owned restaurant in your city near to where you’re […]

5 Tips on Choosing a Corporate Catering Service for Your Business

There are a number of considerations to make if you want to organise a business event. First and foremost, unless the event is being held on corporate property, a reservation for the location is required. There are a variety of other considerations to keep in mind while planning a workplace gathering, such as entertainment, apparel, […]

Using SAP Modules & Solutions to Improve Business Webflow & Efficiency

Complex market landscapes, intense competition, evolving customer expectations, and a host of other pressing factors have led businesses to bank on real-time information as a currency of enterprise orchestration. Modern organizations are essentially data-driven ecosystems running on a single source of truth offered by their enterprise management stacks. However, while ERP systems have been around […]

How to bring employees back to the office?

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, many of us have become familiar with working from home. We are pretty sure every corporate employee living across metros must be on cloud nine as they don’t have to wait in the heavy traffic and sweat for hours! People have an idea of what no traffic and more leisure time […]

Call Center Solutions for CRM and Contact Center Professionals

Customer relationship management (CRM) in a call center refers to a software solution that call center agents use to improve customer service and efficiency. Customer records, such as account information and contact history, are stored in call center CRM systems by the call center solution providers in India. They can be used as a case […]

Understanding the Business Benefits of SAP S/4HANA in a Better Way

In the current economic context, painted by influential megatrends, it is no longer adequate for companies to be responsive. Today, success is consequent on preempting shifts, delivering at scale, and managing operations in ways that inspire stakeholder delight. As a global business application leader, SAP realized that for conventional ventures to be resilient and evolve […]

Meditation Benefits for the Mind and Body

Harvard University conducted a research to find meditation benefits. And in that research, it stated that meditation can help with depression and benefit against an array of conditions both physical and mental. Harvard is not the first prestigious institute that has conducted such research to establish the benefits of meditation. And it won’t be the […]

Cloud Cost Optimization: Best Practices to Save Cloud Costs

Getting the most out of every corporate pound or dollar spent is critical for success. As our reliance on cloud infrastructure increases, organizations grapple with ever-increasing cloud costs. Cloud computing helps businesses rent computing platforms and infrastructure and avoid steep upfront costs. By renting cloud services, companies pay only for what is used, such as […]

Significance of SAP S/4HANA in the Digital World

At present, a business’s ability to be agile, scalable, and highly responsive to customer demands are no longer considered exceptions. They are strategic necessities to survive and thrive. While ERP systems have been around for decades, binding multiple business functions around a single transactional database, the contemporary expectations from the products are evolving. ERP: No […]