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The Scope Of Back Office Executives In Top Companies | Receptix

The back office is basically the administration department of a company. The back office executives offer their administrative support to the front working staff of the office of a particular company. Instead of direct interactions with the respective clients, back-office executives work at the back end of the company to ensure the smooth running of […]

How The BPO Industry Is Fighting Against COVID-19 For The Benefit Of Employees | Receptix

The unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all the industries worldwide. And the impact is going to be long-term as the danger still prevails. Most of the companies have adopted the policy of working remotely from home to avoid any kind of risks. Safety has become the utmost priority of the whole world. But one […]

Top Mistakes You Should Never Make While Sitting For An Interview | Receptix

While finding a job opportunity, an interview can decide a lot about whether you shall be able to get the opportunity or not. The interview is as important as any other step while searching for a job. It is the first opportunity where the recruiter gets to meet you. The answers that you give to […]

Highest Paying Jobs In The Indian Air Force With Additional Perks | Receptix

If you have always wanted to be a part of the defense services to serve the nation, the Indian Air Force is one of the finest choices. A job in the Indian Air Force is a government job with a lot of benefits. It will not only provide you with job stability and security. An […]

Everything To Know About The Highest Paying Job Profiles In The Airport Industry | Receptix

The Airport Authority of India is known for having great employment opportunities. The job profiles under the airport authority of India are not just reputed but also high paying. Out of the many opportunities under the airport authority of India profiles in this industry, the two most famous and highest-paying are that of Airport Manager […]

Tips On How Women Can Negotiate To Get A Salary Raise | Receptix

A lot of women have the responsibility of taking care of their family and handling the household chores all at once. The endless list of these responsibilities does not allow them to step out and get a job for themselves. But, times are now changing and women are trying to balance work as well as […]

The Pros And Cons Of Working At Airport | Receptix

Airports have had an important impact on the economy of a country for the past many years. They not only boost tourism and prove to be beneficial for the tourism industry but also generate a great number of jobs. From the administrative profiles, maintenance profiles, managing profiles, to hospitality profiles. There are a great number […]

Various Job Opportunities At Delhi Metro With High Salary | Receptix

Since it was started in the year 2002, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has only reached new heights and expanded further in the coming years. It has, therefore, come out as one of the best companies to work for in India. In terms of technology as well, Delhi Metro is much advanced compared to other metros […]

Most Frequently Asked Questions By Recruiters That Can Get You Hired | Receptix

The process of finding a new job can be tiresome and difficult for people. It is true that landing a job is not an easy task in the highly competitive job market of today. But if you can learn how to answer certain frequently asked interview questions, then the probability of the recruiter selecting you […]

How To Deal With An Unexpected Financial Crisis During Emergency | Receptix

Catastrophes do not knock on the door or give an alert before arriving. A difficult time just arrives without any prior notice, and one needs to deal with it. And one of the biggest challenges can be to deal with an unexpected financial crisis. It does not matter if you have a permanent full-time job […]