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Benefits of Asterisk Solution in a Business

When it comes to selecting VoIP products, there are far too many choices in terms of the foundation technology. However, most businesses tend to opt for solutions based on Asterisk. Not only are the Asterisk solutions cheaper and customizable, but the scope of modularity is also very high. So, developers can create a multitude of […]

Video Conferencing Solution for Healthcare Industry

” Give the patients the best care they need quickly and effectively! “ This decade witnessed a magnificent rise in healthcare worldwide. Each and every nation focuses on the health of its people because that becomes the backbone of development and prosperity. As a result, we can see an array of technology solutions aiming to […]

Importance of Online Learning with Video Conferencing Software

One of the first breakthroughs to revolutionize the education sector and make education more accessible is video conferencing enabled Online Learning, which is expected to generate $8.03 billion in revenue by 2023. Custom Online Learning with Video Conferencing Software ushers in a new era of inclusive and interactive learning by removing geographic limitations and enabling […]

Importance of PHP for Business Software Solutions

Even after 28 years, PHP still holds 29.48% market share in 2022 and is one of Github’s most popular programming languages. PHP is still being used in 77.3% of the websites compared to other server-side programming languages. PHP is still the go-to scripting language for developing dynamic and interactive websites and, over the years, has […]

Transforming Software Development For Business Models In 2022

Vindaloo Softtech: TRANSFORMING SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT FOR BUSINESS MODELS IN 2022 – Prime Insights No matter your industry, you know how quickly technology changes. Whether it is new machines, smaller microchips, or TVs with higher resolution, we are constantly surrounded by signs of progress. When you own a business, the rush of innovative technology often makes […]

Outstanding IT Services by Vindaloo Softtech Outdo Its Competitors: GoodFirms

Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd. is a foremost IT company that offers exceptional tech solutions. Vindaloo provides VoIP software development, MEAN stack development, database services, digital marketing services, e-commerce development, custom CRM development, web app development, cross-platform, and UI/UX design services. The company was founded in 2016 with headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Vindaloo focuses on cutting-edge […]

7 Best Tips to Boost VoIP Security

                                                          VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol, a technology that allows you to make or receive calls over the internet. It enables users to […]