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About Author: Whitehorse Physiotherapy is the righteous solution to all physiotherapy treatments such as sports physio Whitehorse. From Pelvic physio to acupuncture, the healthcare center offers it all.

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Signs That You Should See a Physiotherapist

If you think that physiotherapist is a treatment that is only for elite sportsmen or senior citizen, you are sadly mistaken. But don’t worry because you aren’t the one who has been thinking this. Just like you, there are many other people who think that physiotherapy is just for old people or one who regularly […]

Signs You Should Get Acupuncture Service

You might find it a little hard to believe but acupuncture Whitehorse can help you with so many things. There are so many health conditions that acupuncture can treat and the best thing is that it does not have any kind of side-effects. Now, if you know a few things about this amazing therapy, you […]

Three Ways Sports Therapy Differs from Regular Physical Therapy

Do you play any sport or you are an athletic person? If yes, you will agree that sometimes, while playing sports or practicing athletic moves, you might have pulled your muscle and experiencing pain. You might have also tried taking painkillers to ease the pain but sadly, it has no lasting results. So, what’s the […]

Know What to Expect from First Pelvic Floor Therapy Appointment

After pregnancy, a few body changes are normal. Like gaining extra pounds, saggy breast, and stretch marks. But when you pee a little while laughing, running, or sneezing, you should not take things lightly. It’s because these things indicate problems with the pelvic floor. And well, in that case, you need help from the experts. […]

Know What to Expect from Your First Visit to Physiotherapist

If you are an active athlete, you might know that injuries are a part of the practice. In short, sports injuries are common. But what is not common is the way how to deal with them. See, if you want to get relief from the injuries, you have to look for things other than painkillers […]

Choosing a Physiotherapy Clinic? Consider These Five Factors

Have you been suffering from constant back or neck pain? Have you been taking painkillers for a while but with temporary relief? If yes, you have come to the right place. Back pain or neck pain is a result of muscular tension that might occur due to heavy-duty work or stress. Taking painkillers will reduce […]

Things to do After Your Physiotherapy Appointment

Playing sports and not getting injured is as rare as the sun rising from the west. If you are an athlete, you are going to get bruises and wounds. So the best thing that you can do is get the right pain relief treatment. Now, by pain relief treatment, we don’t mean that you should […]

Know What to Expect on Your First Visit to an Acupuncturist

Have you been thinking of getting acupuncture treatment for an ailment? Do you want to know what will happen on your first visit to an acupuncturist? If yes, you have come to the right place. Acupuncture Whitehorse has gained rapid momentum in the past few years, mostly because people are turning towards natural methods of treatment. But […]

Visit the Best Physiotherapist to Get Permanent Relief from Pain

Everyone knows that a physiotherapist can help in managing pain. But only a few know what a physiotherapist can do other than this. Do not worry if you don’t know it because once you have finished reading this post, you will understand how physical treatments can actually change your life. So leave whatever you are […]

Maintain your Pelvic Floor Health with an Experienced Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life. With the excitement of giving birth to a healthy baby, pregnancy also becomes one of the most cherished events. But pregnancy can also bring numerous challenges with it. During this time, a woman’s body undergoes several changes and probably it’s the first time […]