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Benefits and Features of a Quiet Garage Exhaust Fan

Does the air in your garage flow efficiently? Too many homeowners make the mistake of overlooking garage ventilation, thinking that the garage is just a storage space for their vehicles. But it is actually one of the most vulnerable areas of your home, suffering from problems like carbon monoxide buildup and extreme heat. To avoid […]

Energy Saving Whole House Fan Systems

Energy-saving appliances help reduce a household’s environmental impact while cutting energy costs. If you want to reap these benefits, start with your ventilation and cooling appliances. Try using a whole-house energy-saving fan. Energy-saving whole-house fans have all the features of high-end whole-house fans and an energy-efficient motor highly rated by the California Energy Commission for ventilation […]

The Dynamics Behind the Success of Whole House Fans

Do your energy bills skyrocket during the summer? The likely culprit is your air conditioning system. Unfortunately, ACs are not the most efficient cooling solution for your home, even if they can provide a lot of comfort on a sweltering day. So if you want to stay cool and comfy without spending too much money, […]

What is a Whole House Ventilation Fan?

In your search for a reliable and cost-effective way to cool your home, you’ll likely encounter the whole house ventilation fan and become curious about it. Will it help you save on energy costs? Knowing the answers to those questions and finding the correct information can help you make an informed buying decision. Let’s discuss what it […]

Whole House Ventilation Fan

Even if you live in an area with a moderate climate, summer temperatures can soar and make your home uncomfortable. But you don’t have to keep relying on your air-conditioning system all day and night. A whole house ventilation fan will suffice for most cooling requirements, so you only have to use your air conditioner during the […]

The Five Most Common Errors Homeowners Make When Installing a Whole House Fan

A QuietCool whole house fan is a cost-effective way to cool your home and reduce your usage of the air conditioner all the time. But of course, you have to install it properly to ensure efficiency and reliability. Here are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when installing their QuietCool whole house fan […]

Types of Quiet Exhaust Fans for Your Garage

Your garage can get unbearably hot especially during the summer months. The high temperatures can make it tough to get some work done, and may even cause damage to your property and your vehicles. Insufficient airflow or ventilation can cause an overheated garage. Attic space over the place can also contribute to the heat accumulating […]