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How can International students request their Transcripts from Indian universities?

From Nalanda and Takshsila University in the past to IITs and IIMs now, India has been attracting students from all around the globe. Talking about education in India, several universities attract international students from many countries for their graduation and post-graduation courses. The only difference is, while there were very less formalities during the ancient […]

How to apply for ECA for Canada and why is it necessary?

Every country has its own culture, traditions, and standards of living. And therefore every country has its own standard of education as well. These standards of education are a gauge mark for the employees working in that country who are ultimately going to deliver and raise the company’s economy. People working for the country are […]

Why Apostille is required and how to apply?

  Introduction During the Hague Convention in 1961, it was decided that there is no need to certify the documents when people are traveling within the member countries. So, if Apostille of documents is done in one country then it will be considered legal and genuine in other member countries as well. This helped the […]

All you need to know about WES Evaluation for Indian Students

Canada is the most sought-after country preferred by Indian students to settle abroad. We can find students from every corner of India applying to Canadian universities for their graduation and post-graduation courses. And in the last few decades, we have found growth in the number of Indians settling abroad. But it’s not so easy to […]

What is the Difference between Apostille and attestation? What does Apostille look like?

Apostille of documents and attestation of documents/certificates has become necessary for people travelling abroad. For students going abroad for studies, they will need to get their mark sheets, transcript certificates, and other educational documents attested. Similarly, for all purposes various kinds of documents require attestation. An Apostille or Certificate attestation ensures the documents being presented […]

How To Get Embassy Attestation

WES and IQAS are very popular and most sought-after credential assessment bodies for international students looking to study or settle in Canada. While WES is a private entity serving across the globe, IQAS is a government of Alberta service that evaluates educational credentials for immigrants to Canada only. But why were these ECA bodies set […]

Who Can Apostille Documents in India

What Apostille Means? Apostille is the process of legalization of documents in a country that are accepted as legal and genuine in the member states of the Hague Convention. The apostille is important when traveling abroad in member countries. Apostille has done away with the lengthy process of document verification that requires verification in both […]

How to find the best Apostille services in India?

  What is Apostille? Apostille is the process of legalization of documents in a country that is accepted as legal and genuine in the member countries of the Hague Convention. Apostille is important when travelling abroad to the member countries. Apostille has eliminated the lengthy process of document attestation that required verification at both the […]

What are Osmania University transcripts needed ?

Johnny cleared his IELTS exam, applied for his master’s program in one of the best universities in Australia, and submitted his online application. But his application got rejected because he had submitted his mark sheets but not the transcript certificate. He contacted the transcript services, got his academic transcript, reapplied for the university, and got […]

What are ATIP or GCMS Notes? – Worldwide Transcripts

  In our previous article, we discussed why Canada is the most preferred destination among Indians for their study or work abroad. Canada offers a rich culture and ease of immigration for applicants and these coupled with the great diplomatic ties between these two countries make Canada the most popular destination abroad. So thousands of […]