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Which Sectors Use AR / VR App Development For Navigation?

Digital navigation has changed how individuals travel. While the outdoor navigation services have been around for some time, indoor navigation has represented a few difficulties as satellites can’t monitor the indoor regions. Augmented Reality app development services are synonymous with an Aladdin’s lamp for indoor navigation. There are several regions where GPS and other technologies […]

How Telehealth Improves Behavioral Outcomes In Children?

Healthcare givers have been getting good at offering quality telemedicine services since the onset of the pandemic. Behavioral health providers have been operating on telehealth software solutions for a significantly long time now. A particular  recipient  of these services is children who have shown a remarkable impact of integrating telemedicine services. Videoconferencing quickly offers a […]

15 Useful Flutter Libraries For Mobile App Development

Flutter is Google’s child. The open-source framework builds captivating and user-friendly UI designs for web and mobile app development. Its functionality and ease of creating apps have won developers’ hearts, making Flutter the latest tech attraction. Let’s first understand the meaning of libraries. A library is a collection of pre-written codes and programs developers can […]

Your Guide To The Best OTT App Platforms For 2022

Do you also spend most of your leisure time watching shows or web series on various OTT platforms? I don’t think we even need to get to the beginning of the discussion. As we already know, the era of watching TV is far behind. Viewer preferences have shifted to genre-based entertainment apps, which they access […]

Is Data Visualization Vital To Your Digital Marketing Plan?

Data collection has turned into a brilliant task for some organizations in the previous decade. Organizations like Facebook, Google, and Amazon use the information to drive income, work on their service, and decide business choices like billion-dollar acquisitions. It is presently not a mystery that data collection isn’t just significant but fundamental for any business. […]

How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Monetize‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Healthcare‌ ‌Mobile‌ ‌Apps?‌ ‌

Application monetization is one of the essential things to be discussed when we think of telemedicine app development services. Application owners investigate distinctive income streams to track down their ideal model. However, the difficult thing about picking the right monetization system is that there is anything but a one-size-fits-all shoe, particularly in the specialty of […]

Revamping the Customer Support Services: Salesforce Chatbots

Does your customer support executive team feel under the weather and overburdened? It’s time to let the complex workflow dissolve into easily manageable tasks. Learn how Salesforce development services incorporate ease in them. The Concept of Chatbot: When clients contact an organization for their services, they expect quick response times and support, regardless of their […]

5 Patterns In Entertainment & Media App Development In 2021

Although media and entertainment app development solutions have been proactive in setting themselves up for the upcoming digitized shifts since days of yore, the pandemic’s beginning has reaffirmed its confidence towards change. Current-day consumers, reacting to the new reality with excitement, convince the entertainment app development market players to offer them new packages and conditions […]

5 Techniques to Boost Conversion Rates with Remarketing

Online retail offers customers many advantages: simpler accessibility, range of selections, and better incentive for cash. However, the way you have a web-based retail outlet doesn’t mean you’re sorted to create leads or get clients returning to you for more. This condition is the place where remarketing comes in. This article will talk about techniques […]

10 Things Modern L&D App Developers Should Be Doing

As learning pioneers, assuming we need to develop engagement, make cherished learning experiences, and further boost ROI from our training drives, we need to be more inventive in making our crowd’s stay and keep them returning for more. Rather than essentially thinking of a course and advising individuals to take it, we better serve ourselves […]