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Madden 22 Playoffs Part 2 player reveal brings a lot of surprises

Out of Position players are a big hit this time around. The MUT 22 database is constantly adding better cards for players to choose from, and players won’t want to miss out on these recent additions. Especially Playoffs Part 2 LTD. So they need to prepare enough Madden 22 Coins to get these powerful and […]

Madden 22 Team of the Week 16 revealed

It has announced the full lineup for three full weeks. Madden 22 has been shifting its focus into Ultimate Team as players head into the postseason, but they have one last to arrive on Team of the Week. Full details of all players in TOTW 16 in MUT 22 are now available, so players can […]

Players will learn more about Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas this month

Path of Exile’s next big expansion will be livestreamed in just a few weeks. Dubbed Siege of the Atlas, developer Grinding Gear Games is calling it Path of Exile’s biggest expansion of the last year, and players will see what to expect when the studio unblocks on January 27. The cover reveals everything. During this […]

More details on Path of Exile 3.17 coming soon

Path of Exile is about to receive a new expansion. With a new trailer this month, all about the upcoming expansion Siege of the Atlas (3.17) and its brand new endgame content will be revealed. More exciting details will be revealed soon, and for some players who want to have more fun in the new […]

Madden 22 Playoffs promotion is coming

Madden 22 Playoffs will probably return to Ultimate Team with several exciting new cards as the NFL postseason begins. While nothing has been confirmed yet, the Madden 22 Playoffs sale is coming as the playoffs begin. Players can Buy MUT Coins now. It’s been mentioned in an episode of Good Morning Madden over the past […]

Alabama and Ohio State added to Madden 22 Campus Legends

Madden 22 Campus Legends mode was a hit this year. It gives players the feeling of playing a college football game that is expected to be released soon. To keep the game modes updated, EA has joined two of the most popular and successful teams in CFB history. Many players are also prepared to Buy […]

Madden 22 Campus Heroes Volume 2 brings new challenges and rewards

Madden 22 Campus Heroes Volume 2 brings a lot of player items with lower ratings. If players want to get these items, they can Buy MUT Coins to get everything they want. Besides player items, players can also complete new Missions or Challenges in Ultimate Team mode. These will be Madden 22 Campus Heroes: Final […]

Madden 22 Campus Heroes Vol. 2 brings more powerful cards

It will launch soon the second volume of Madden 22 Campus Heroes, bringing a new high-performance card of historical university greats. In the latest version, Ultimate Team fans will have many new options, from Sam Bradford and Bruce Matthews to linebacker Brian Orakpo and receiver Percy Harvin. Here are the cards available in the MUT […]

Madden 22 Campus Heroes 2 brings more new players

Madden 22 ruled the holiday with Zero Chill. During this period, many players Buy MUT Coins to get the player cards they needed. But now is the time for Campus Heroes 2 to start a new year in Ultimate Team. Madden 22 kept the Ultimate Team thriving throughout the holiday and their temporary break with […]

EA confirmed that Madden 22 community file cannot be downloaded

Madden is a successful legend of American football video games. The latest issue of the franchise is Madden NFL 22, which has been available since August. These games provide players with many choices and many players buy Madden 22 Coins to make the game smoother. Besides basic content, it also allows users to share their […]