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About Author: Zurn Plumbing Service is an professional and certified plumbing company that has been offering the highest quality of plumbing services in Atlanta for 30 years. The company was established by Ted Zurn to give the best in class and technologically advanced plumbing services to the region. The company gives residential and commercial sewer line lining and repair services. Zurn Plumbing Service has trained and certified team for trench less pipe liner installation services.

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Signs of a Great Plumbing Company

If there is a problem with the sewer line, you should get it fixed immediately. It’s because if you don’t take the issue seriously, your entire house is going to smell bad. We are sure that you don’t want that, right? Of course! That’s why you are advised to get in touch with a trusted […]

Ask These Questions When Hiring a Plumber

No matter whether it is a business space or your home, if there is a problem with sewer line lining, you should take some quick action. If there is damage to the pipeline, you cannot just sit as nothing happened. It’s because if you do this, you might have to face a greater problem sooner. However, […]

Three Questions You Must Ask Before Opting for Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

When you have a business space or a house, plumbing is the most important system that should always be up and running. But just like any other system in your house or business space, the plumbing system is also prone to faults. One of the major plumbing faults that you can experience is a leaking sewer […]

Call Professional Plumbers for Sewer Line Repair Work

If there is one plumbing issue that is irritating and needs immediate & professional attention, then it is the problem in the sewer line. And the worst thing- it can happen anytime. So, all you can do is keep the number of the best plumbing companies saved on your phone because there is literally nothing […]

Call Professional Plumbers for Better Sewer Pipeline Repair Service

You should never take any plumbing issue lightly. Especially if it is related to the sewer line unless you want to flood your house with dirty water. Also, problems with sewer lines are something that should be left to professionals to fix. Are you thinking why? Well, it’s simply because they are experienced and they […]

Amazing Benefits of Trenchless Technology for Efficient Sewer Line Repair

Have you been experiencing a foul smell in your house and the neighborhood? Your neighbors have also been complaining about the foul smell for a while. So, this ensures that the problem is not inside your house. Maybe it is a dead animal such as a possum? Have you already investigated the surroundings for dead […]

Know the Signs of Broken Sewer Pipeline

We often take so many problems lightly because we think that this problem cannot create a bigger problem. Maybe some of the times we are right, but in most cases, we are wrong because even a slight issue can cause a blunder. And if the issue is related to plumbing, it is highly recommended to […]

Contact Professional Plumbing Service for Trenchless Pipe Liner Installation

For a few days, you’ve smelled a foul odor in your house which is making it unpleasant to stay in the house. Some of your neighbors have also complained about such foul smell in their homes. A dead possum doesn’t seem to be the reason, so you start investigating. While investigating, you find that the […]